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Data Logger for machine monitoring PCE-VDL 16I

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Data logger for machine monitoring with an additional function of environmental data registration

With up to 800 Hz / Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure, Vibration, and Light

The mechanical engineering data logger PCE-VDL 16I from PCE Instruments measures and stores the relevant measured variables, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, light as well as acceleration in three axes (by means of a vibration sensor). This data logger is therefore ideal for monitoring vibrations on machines while measuring and recording the relevant ambient conditions of the system. Although production machines or processing machines such as a multi-axis milling machine use significantly improved work units, but the datalogger can capture in any case a basic vibration behavior of the machine and record from there over time the development of the vibrations. Thus, the vibration behavior of the milling machine can be assessed in short time intervals or the emerging sources of error can be localized. Does the drive cause a vibration problem or is a tool defective? PCE Instruments also offers vibration meters for permanent installation and thus continuous monitoring of a machine, though the data logger also provides a very cost-effective option for fast and accurate machine monitoring. Optimize your equipment and record the valuable measurement data that will help you to reduce the wear of your equipment and machines. Facilitate the design of bearings and damper systems, make it possible to reduce the noise in motors, detect unbalance quickly ... The data loggers for machine monitoring are your favourable in price and precise helpers in the field of mechanical engineering and other application fields. Depending on the setting of the respective measuring rate / recording rate, the datalogger can record a few days. The acquired measured values are stored on the internal 2 GB SD card and, when needed, can be transferred to other media and evaluated there. The mechanical engineering datalogger is programmed as desired with the help of the supplied software. By means of the same software, the mechanical engineering data logger can be read out again after recording the data. When ordering, the customer always receives the latest version of the software. The latter is also available for download in the "download area" at the manufacturer PCE Instruments. Even if there is no power supply, the measured values are retained in the datalogger so that the user did not lose any data relating machine monitoring. Contact the PCE Instruments development company if you need a larger storage capacity, a larger battery or other sensors for the data logger. As a manufacturer, PCE Instruments can find solutions for you very quickly and cost-effectively.

Independent condition monitoring for defined time periods

The compact mechanical engineering data logger for machine monitoring suggests a useful “bridge” between mobile vibration measuring devices which are used for regular trend/deviation detection/determination and changes in the machines condition and stationary systems which record data permanently. Trending by means of the mobile devices has advantages in terms of cost and time of the staff engaged and of a relatively small amount of data to maintain, as the measurement intervals are in the range of days, weeks or months. At the same time, however, this means that vibrApplication as a mechanical engineering data logger.ation events between the measurements are not recorded, so partially, the valuable information about the condition of the machine is sometimes lost. To avoid this, the stationary systems for machine monitoring should be used. On the one hand, machine monitoring with the stationary systems creates a picture about the machine condition over the entire monitoring period, and so the information is not lost, on the other hand, the initial costs are higher and the large, sometimes extremely large, amounts of data must be stored, maintained and evaluated. The mechanical engineering data logger fills the gap between these two approaches in machine monitoring. With the help of this device, machines vibrations and oscillations over a defined period of time can be detected without the need to install extensive, stationary vibration monitoring systems and without the risk of missing the vibration- or shock events, which provide important information about the condition of the machines.

Process-accompanying machine monitoring for production equipment

Besides the conclusions about the general condition of the machine, the mechanical engineering datalogger can also be used to determine the process information. Each machine generates vibrations and oscillations via the work unit. In case of manufacturing equipment, for example milling machines, these oscillations are superimposed by process oscillations and vibrations. Depending on the number of revolutions during the milling process, how large the selected feed is, how deep the cutter goes, how sharp the blades are, whether it is being milled in synchronism or reverse and which material is processed, it may lead to vibration peaks, which under circumstances are even in the range of natural resonances of different machine components. The resulting mechanical stresses, on the one hand, can damage the milling tool, the spindle bearing and generally the machine, on the other hand, strong vibrations may also lead to errors in the milling pattern or visible chatter marks on the component. In order to find out during the process in which parameters the greatest mechanical loads and stresses occur, the mechanical engineering data logger can be used.

Possible application as a mechanical engineering data logger

In the field of mechanical engineering, the data logger from PCE Instruments can be used not only to provide valuable data during the machine monitoring, but also during loading, construction or transport of capital goods, large machines or production equipment. Extremely strong drop-off from the forklift truck, hitting with the crane when loading or excessive shock load during the transportation to the site – hazards, which can have costly consequences for the manufacturer or haulage company, lurk everywhere.Data logger by machine monitoring.
In the process of searching for the causes, the mechanical engineering data loggers can provide important information about the timing, size and direction of the shock load, taking into account the other environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity. Due to the subsequently documented recording of the physical environmental conditions with the mechanical engineering data logger many liability issues can be clarified in case of the product damage. An absolutely complete documentation of the environmental conditions also enables the prediction of potential load peaks, which simplifies the future transportation planning for the manufacturers of the corresponding equipment and systems. The application possibilities of the data logger are therefore very versatile in the field of mechanical engineering. Whether it be machine monitoring during operation or documentation of the vibration and shock loads during loading and installation, the mechanical engineering data logger from PCE Instruments always delivers meaningful measurement results.


- 3-axis Acceleration up to 800 Hz
- For temperature, humidity, air pressure and light
- 32 GB SD memory card
- Small design: 86.8 x 44.1 x 22.2 mm / 3.4 x 1.7 x 0.87 in


Measuring range -20 … 65°C / -4 ... 149°F
Accuracy ± 0.2°C / ± 0.36°F
Resolution 0.01°C / 0.018°F 
Max. Sampling rate 1 Hz
Measuring range 0 … 100% r.H. 
Accuracy ± 1.8% r.H. 
Resolution 0.04% r.H. 
Max. Sampling rate 1 Hz
Air pressure  
Measuring range 10 … 2000 mbar
Accuracy ±2 mbar (750 … 1100 mbar); otherwise ± 4 mbar
Resolution 0.02 mbar
Max. Sampling rate 1 Hz
Measuring range 0.045 … 188,000 Lux
Resolution 0.045 Lux
Max. Sampling rate 1 Hz
3 Axes Acceleration  
Measuring range ± 16 g
Accuracy 0.24 g
Resolution 0.00390625 g
Max. Sampling rate 800 Hz

Delivery Scope

1x Data logger PCE-VDL 16I
1x Data cable USB – USB Micro
1x 32 GB SD memory card
1x SD card ejector tool
1x USB pen drive with PC software and user manual