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Damp Meter PCE-PMI 3

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Damp Meter

Moisture meter with different menu languages ​​/ Digitally rotatable display / Automatic shutdown for battery saving / For concrete and wood

Damp Meter in use on cement.Moisture measurement finds its application in many spheres of life and industry. In fact, moisture is absolutely necessary, but from the other side, it may have a destroying effect. When it goes about use of the materials, like concrete or wood, the range of applications may be wide. For each particular case, there may be different requirement, which must be taken into account. Evaluation of moisture visually or tactile is not possible and must be carried out professionally with the help of the measuring equipment designed for this purpose.

Excessive amount of dampness in the wood or concrete may occur because of a number of reasons, starting from the wrong storage and preparation to the influence of the external factors, like weather, ambient conditions, excessive condensate etc. First of all, the dampness level should be measured and if the values go beyond the permissible limits, the reasons for the deviation must be detected and eliminated. Besides that, if the level of moisture is too high for a particular application it is necessary to wait, without hurrying up with the hope that it will dry in the process, till it reaches its normal level.

One of the brightest examples of concrete application is a construction site or renovation, when new flooring or walling is planned. In spite of the wide variety of floorings nowadays, when the decision is made about making a renewal of the floor, one of the most important procedures is not only the choice of the new covering, but the correct preparation of the base. Moisture measurement is a must for each professional, no matter what kind of covering will be applied finally.

For example, application of the linoleum or parkette flooring straight after the concrete or screed base has been finished is a serious mistake which will have serious and very cost consuming consequences. The base should not be too damp, and at the same time not too dry. Application of a small and very useful devices, such as damp meter from PCE Instruments, ensures correctness of construction works and flawless work on the floor, no matter what type of flooring it goes about.

Damp meter in use at a buildingMoisture content in the concrete or screed is a determining factor for a longevity of the construction they are used in. Even if it looks good optically, but has the wrong moisture content, the problems will start shortly after the job has been finished. To ensure that the concrete stays strong, resistant and without cracks for a very long time, the moisture measurement should not be neglected in any case, on the stage of concrete preparation, as well as after its application and before the final covering or paintwork is applied on it.

Wood is a popular material that is used in the construction. It is a natural material and has a number of advantages. Nevertheless, wood may also be subject to many destructive processes, and one of the reasons for this is wrong dampness content. It may lose its resistance, attractive optical looks, mold spores can multiply very fast, which leads to unpleasant smell and eventually even health problems. All this may be easily avoided with the help of a careful test at the beginning and subsequent regular maintenance checks later. The damp meter is easy to operate, but in spite of that it provides very accurate and reliable measurements which in no time help the user to understand whether there are any problems with the materials under check.

Damp meter is characterized, from the one side, by its simplicity, but from the other, by its ability to significantly improve the efficiency and performance of work. The professional as well as the inexperienced user equipped with the damp meter is protected from making mistakes at any stage of the construction.

More information

The moisture meter is a small and reliable measuring instrument for the determination of existing moisture in, for example, concrete and wood. Corresponding scales for measuring moisture are already stored in the library of the moisture meter. After selecting the scale, the required measurement can be carried out with the moisture meter. The measurement result is displayed on the moisture meter both numerically and graphically after a few seconds.

For each scale in the moisture meter, a separate alarm limit can be stored. As soon as the set alarm limit is exceeded, the moisture meter will sound an audible alarm. In order to save the inserted batteries with the moisture meter, the meter shuts itself off after 5 minutes if not used.

Another special feature of the moisture meter is the possibility of displaying the calcium carbide method (CM%) for screed. Also in this measurement, the moisture meter is placed on the surface to be tested. Based on the corresponding scale, the measured value is converted into a CM% value (calcium carbide method). This gives the operator a guideline value via the calcium carbide method.


- For measurements on wood and concrete
- Ergonomic shape with anti-slip rubber
- Individually adjustable alarm limits
- Numeric and graphical view
- Easy three-button operation
- Automatic shutdown


Measuring function Measuring range
Relative scale 0.0 ... 99.9%
anhydrite 0.0 ... 3.5%
(Weight percent)  
anhydrite 0.0 ... 1.5%
(Calcium carbide method)*
cement screed     0.0 ... 4.7%
(Weight percent)  
cement screed 0.0 ... 3.0%
(Calcium carbide method)*
Concrete (weight percent)    0.0 ... 6.0%
gypsum plaster   0.0 ... 10.0%
(Weight percent)  
hardwood   0.0 ... 37.0%
(Weight percent)  
softwood 0.0 ... 51.0%
(Weight percent)  
*The calcium carbide method is approximate.
Further specification  
Accuracy ± 0.5%
Power supply 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
Uptime About 20 hours
Automatic shutdown  After 5 minutes of inactivity
Menu languages English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French
Display Graphically monochrome, 128 x 64 pixels, 61 x 33 mm, backlight
Operating conditions 5 ... 40°C / 41 ... 104°F
Dimensions 147 x 89 x 33 mm / 5.8 x 3.5 x 1.3 in
Weight 200 g / < 1 lb (with batteries)

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1 x Carrying case
2 x 1.5V AA battery
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