Conductivity Meter PCE-PWT 10

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Conductivity Meter PCE-PWT 10
pocket size conductivity tester / for ultrapure water / 
smallest measuring range 20µS/cm / salinity measurement / temperature compensation up to 60 °C

The conductivity meter is a good solution for anyone who wants to check the conductivity of ultrapure water. This conductivity tester is a compact device with an integrated temperature sensor for optimum temperature compensation. Among other things, the conductivity tester has a very low measuring range of only 0 ... 20 μS / cm.

Furthermore, the cunductivity meter is able to accurately determine the salinity of liquids. The PCE-PWT 10  conductivity tester has an automatic temperature compensation in the range of 0 ... 60 ° C. The calibration of the conductivity tester is carried out via a three-point calibration.

For the desalting stage of water purification the pure water tester PCE-PWT 10 is helpfull. Separation of salt is a necessary process and can be monitored by pure water tester. The latter are a part of both, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. Though, the purpose is the same, the principle of these process is different. Reverse osmosis is a successor of electrodialysis and if the latter uses electrical current, the former is based on pressure. For desalting of water also forward osmosis may be applied, which helps to separate the dissolved solutes from the pure water. Both methods are aimed at improving the pure water quality. This quality can be checked in the end by the pure water tester.

Conductivity is a material-specific ability to conduct electrical current. The electrolytic conductivity of aqueous solutions depends on concentration of water constituents, their degree of dissociation and the valency of the cations and anions as well as the mobility of these ions, which in turn is influenced by the temperature. Our pure water tester can accurately determine the ion content. In wastewater, the conductivity is considered as a sum parameter for the ion concentration and thus for the total salinity. With the help of our pure water tester it is possible to make a quick and easy statement about the total content of dissolved salts in the water.


- smallest measuring range up to 20 µS/cm
- compact design of pure water tester housing
- automatic temperature compensation by pure water tester
- salinity measurement
- internal three-point conductivity calibration
- changeable conductivity electrode

Conductivity measuring range 0 ... 20 µS/cm
0 ... 200 µS/cm
0 ... 2000 µS/cm
0 ... 20.00 mS/cm
Resolution 0.01 / 0.1 / 1
Accuracy ± 1 % of measuring range
Salinity measuring range 0.00 ... 10.00 ppt
Resolution 0.01 ppt
Accuracy ± 1 % of measuring range
Temperature measuring range  0 ... 60 °C / 32 ... 140 °F
Resolution 0.1 °C
Accuracy ± 1 °C
Temperature compensation range 0 ... 60 °C / 32 ... 140 °F
Temperature coefficient 2 % / °C
Number of calibration points 1 ... 3
Calibration points 84 µS/cm
1413 µS/cm
12.88 mS/cm
Cell constant K=1
Normal media temperature 25 °C / 77 °F
Hold function By pressing a button
Automatic shutdown 8 minutes after the last key press
Pause Reset to factory setting possible
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Operating time ca. 200 hours
Dimensions 185 x 40 mm / 7.2 x 1.5"
Weight ca. 100 g / 3.5 oz

1 x Conductivity Meter PCE-PWT 10
2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
1 x User manual for pure water tester