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Concrete Rebound Test Hammer PCE-HT-450

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 Concrete test hammer based on the Schmidt principle / to determine concrete strength / high impact energy / quick and easy operation / for high-performance concrete

The concrete rebound test hammer is an analog measuring device to determine concrete strength. The measuring method of the concrete hardness tester is based on the Schmidt principle. With this measuring method, a kinetic impact energy hits the concrete from the concrete hardness tester. The resulting rebound enables the concrete hardness tester to determine the strength of the concrete.

What is special about this concrete test hammer is the particularly high impact energy of 4.5 J. The concrete test hammer can be used to determine the concrete strength of high-strength concrete, also known as high-performance concrete, on bridges, high-rise buildings and foundations, for example. The concrete test hammer is therefore used on particularly heavily loaded concrete. The high kinetic energy of this concrete test hammer can cause injuries. To prevent injuries by untrained personnel, the mechanics can be locked on the concrete test hammer.


- Robust metal housing
- For high-strength concrete
- Quick and easy operation
- For determining concrete hardness
- Kinetic energy 4.5 J
- Firing pin lockable


Nominal kinetic energy4.5 J
Impact spring stroke 100 mm / 3.9"
Impact spring travel 106 mm / 4.1"
Impact spring force 900 ± 40 N/m
Calibration value 88 + 2
Radius of the spherical tip   
SR 35 mm / 1.3"
Dimensions Ø54 x 350 mm / Ø2.1 x 13.7"
Weightca. 2039 g / 72 oz

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1 x PCE-HT-450 concrete rebound test hammer
1 x round grindstone
1 x carrying case
1 x instruction manual