Industrial Measurement Products and Solutions

Analogue Display

Order no.: PCE-N45F
The analogue display PCE-N45F is used to realize individual weighing solutions. The PCE-N45F analogue display can be used to connect load cells, force sensors, weighing platforms and other sensors that use strain gauges.

- Signal input range: 0 ... 10 mV / 0 ... 15 mV
- Supply voltage of the measuring cell: 5V
- Power supply: 24V DC
- Relay output
- Potential-free digital input
- Interface and analog output
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-N50F
The analogue display PCE-N50F is suitable for panel mounting. This analogue display PCE-N50F can be used to indicate the weight, force or torque. The decisive factor here is the type of sensor that is connected to the analogue display PCE-N50F.

- Signal input range: 0 ... 20 mV
- Units: g, mN, mlb, Pa, kg, N, Ib, kPa, t, kN, klb, MPa
- For load cells, force sensors, etc.
- Up to 1600 Hz sampling rate
- LCD display
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer