Air Humidity Meter PCE-G1

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* Includes a longer sensor cable + a measurement amplifier
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Humidity detector to measure relative humidity and temperature / 
with a large display visible from up to 50m distance

The PCE-G1 humidity detector has been designed for measuring relative humidity and temperature, with readings shown on its high visibility display. The humidity detector is composed of a 100mm high LED and comes with IP54 rating. This humidity detector has a display that will alternate values and shows relative humidity for 2 seconds followed by temperature for 2 seconds. The sensor comes calibrated from the manufacturer. An optional ISO calibration and certification can be ordered separately. Easy to use, accurate and durable.

The image shows the display installed in an warehouse. The measurement values can be seen at a distance of up to 50m away. The display connects to the combined sensor using a 1m long cable. The sensor (capacitive / PT1000) can be recalibrated and is housed in ABS plastic. Readings are displayed alternatively every two seconds.

Technical specifications
Measurement ranges
relative humidity / temperature
10 to 95% r.h. / 0 to 60°C
relative humidity / temperature
1% r.h. / 1°C
relative humidity / temperature
 ±2% r.h. / 1°C
Visible distancecan be read from 50m away
Sensor type
relative humidity / temperature
capacitive / PT1000
Response time T90approx. 4 seconds
Cable length (between sensor and display)1 meter
Display 100mm high LED (alternates values)
Power110V to 230V / 50 to 60Hz
DimensionsSensor: 50 x 70 x 20mm
Display: 175 x 250 x 75mm
ProtectionIP 54
Weight 1.3kg (with sensor and cable)

Delivery Contents:
1 x PCE-G1 humidity detector 
1 x display 
1 x sensor connecting cable 1m long
1 x direct connection cable to 110/220 VAC 
1 x user's manual