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Air Flow Meter PCE-A420

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Cup Vane Air Flow Meter PCE-A 420 
digital cup vane Air FloW Meter wind direction will not influence the measurement

Without a doubt, the main advantage of this handheld cup vane air flow meter is that it doesn't need to be held exactly in the direction of the wind. Air flow meter with impellers typically have to be held exactly in the direction of the air flow to take accurate measurements. However, this cup vane air flow meter's system is so sensitive that it responds to the smallest of air currents. To perform a correct measurement with the cup vane air flow meter: First turn the meter on, then hold the meter vertically so the cups can rotate until the wind velocity is displayed. In the following picture you can see how to measure wind speed with the cup vane air flow meter. 


As previously stated, different measurement units can be selected with the cup vane air flow meter: m/s, km/h, knots, ft/min and mph. To change measurement units in the cup vane air flow meter, you must press the key Data Hold until the desired unit is displayed, then depress the key. You can save the unit in the memory of the cup vane air flow meter to be displayed every time the meter is turned on. If the messages Hold or REC appears in the display, you cannot change the measurement units. Moreover, you could fix a value in the cup vane air flow meter by pressing the Hold key during the measurement. To deactivate this function please press the Hold key again.


- Data logger for 100 readings
- Very sensitive cup vane system
- Wind direction is of no importance
- Variety of units to choose from: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots or miles/h
- Ingress protection IP 65
- MIN, MAX and HOLD functions
- Auto shut-off (auto disconnect)
- Anemometer with large LCD


Measurement range0,9 ... 35,0 m/s
 2,5 … 126,0 km/h
 1,4 … 68,0 knots
1,6 ... 78,2 miles/h
 144 ... 6895 ft/min
Resolution0,1 m/s
 0,1 km/h
 0,1 knots
 0,1 miles/h
 1 ft/min
Accuracy± (2% + 0,2 m/s)
 ± (2% + 0,8 km/h)
 ± (2% + 0,4 knots)
 ± (2% + 0,4 miles/h)
 ± (2% + 40 ft/min)
DisplayLCD-Display 28 x 19 mm
Cup vane diameter70 mm / 2.8 in
Enclosure Plastic IP65
Power4 x 1,5 V AAA-Batteries
CupsPlastic, 135 mm diameter
Dimensions190 x 40 x 32 mm / 7.5 x 1.6 x 1.3 in
Weight180 g
Operating temperature       0 ... 50 °C
Operating humidity< 80 % r.F.

Delivery Scope

1 x PCE-A 420 Cup Vane Air Flow Meter
4 x Batteries
1 x Case
1 x User's manual