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Adhesion Tester

Order no.: PCE-CRC 10
The Adhesion Tester PCE-CRC 10 is designed to determine the quality of the adhesion of coatings. The Adhesion Tester is suitable for thin, thick or tough coatings on all surfaces. Since the adherence of paintings and other coatings is a crucial product and quality characteristic for their protective effect, adhesion testers are used in a wide range of industries.


- Evaluation of adhesion
- For thin, thick or tough coatings
- Large, non-slip grip
- Various blades selectable


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-TAT 10

The simple design and an absolutely straightforward operation make it possible for the practitioner to use the adhesion tester as an instrument for daily adhesion tests. Using adhesive with rapid curing, the tests can be performed by the user in the shortest possible time.

- Breakout force: 200 kg
- Diameter of base dolly, mm: 15.1 (№ 1) and 19.5 (№ 2)
- Specific breakout force, MPa: Dolly №1 up to 10 MPa (100) Dolly
  №2 up to 6 MPa (60)


Manufacturer: Novotest Ltd.
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PT-AT

The PT-AT Adhesion Tester measures the traction force necessary to remove a defined area of a coating from a subsurface. The surface condition of the testing material is of significance regarding the measurement of extraction force or adherence. Traction force will be shown on the LC display of the Adhesion Tester and will give information about the adherence to the substrate material.

- Measuring range: 20 MPa / 2900 psi
- Interface: RS-232
- Easy to use
- Internal memory


Manufacturer: DeFelsko Corporation
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PT-AT-A

The PT-AT-A Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete, and other solid substrates and features a new electronically controlled hydraulic pump. All the test instruments come manufacturer calibrated, with optional ISO certification.

- Measuring range: 20 MPa (3000 psi)
- Resolution: 0.01 MPa (1 psi)
- Accuracy: ± 1 % (full scale)


Manufacturer: DeFelsko Corporation
Test Instruments manufacturer