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A microscope is a device that is used to see things too small to see with the naked eMicroscopeye. There are many types of microscopes. The most common type is the optical microscope. An optical microscope is composed of a magnifying lens and an eyepiece that are joined together in a tube, an illuminated stage where the object being observed is placed, and a tripod to secure the optical components. The source of light for an optical microscope is generally a small bulb attached to a tripod with a lens or system of lenses that can be adjusted and fixed behind the illuminated area. A microscope condenser is a complicated system of lenses or mirrors that reproduce the light on the surface of the object.

A microscope lens amplifies the object so that the magnified image can be viewed in the eyepiece. A microscope with two eyepieces allows the user to view the object more comfortably and with greater accuracy.

Another type of microscope is the electron microscope. An electron microscope works on the same principle as an optical microscope, but uses electrons in the place of light and electromagnets instead of glass lenses. Due to the fact that the wavelength of an electron can be up to 100,000 times shorter than that of a visible light photon, an electron microscope has a higher resolution power than a light microscope. Therefore, an electron microscope can reveal the structure of much smaller objects.

Workshop microscope with monitorUSB microscope for real time visualizationMotorised 3D-microscope with engine

The ultra-microscope is another type of microscope, the ultra-microscope has the capability to measure very small particles. In the ultra-microscope, the materials to be observed are dispersed in a liquid or gas colloidal suspension. Then the colloidal suspension is placed in a light-absorbing, dark enclosure, and illuminated with a convergent beam of very strong light that enters into the enclosure from one side.

The light hitting the colloidal particles will then be scattered, and the tiniest particles can then be viewed with incredibly high resolution. There is also the scanning probe type microscope, in which the microscope forms images of surfaces using a physical probe, or series of probes, that scans the specimen. The scanning probe microscope has the ability to measure physical properties such as conductivity, static charge, friction, electromagnetic fields, and modular elasticity. The scanning probe microscope has the ability to create 3D images of items.

PCE microscope knowledge video

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USB Microscope PCE-MM 400
Order no.: PCE-MM 400

The USB - microscope shows objects in "live view" with up to 400x magnification on the computer screen. The USB - Microscope PCE-MM 400 optimally illuminates your research object with 8 LEDs distributed from all sides. This ensures that the USB - Brilliant and razor sharp images are captured microscope.

- 20 ... 400x
- super bright LED lighting
- 1600 x 1200 pixels

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 51.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope PCE-MM 200UV
Order no.: PCE-MM 200UV

PCE-MM 200UV is a UV USB microscope, or UV USB inspection camera, that magnifies objects up to 200 times. This UV microscope uses 8 UV LEDs with a wavelength of 365 nm for illumination. The microscope captures photos and videos as well as displays magnified objects in real time on your computer screen.

- Magnification: Continuous, 10 ... 200 times (infinitely variable)
- Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels
- Colors: 24-bit RGB

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 70.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope PCE-DHM 10
Order no.: PCE-DHM 10
Thanks to the integrated 7.62 cm TFT color display and Li-Ion batteries, the microscope can be PC-independent and therefore used completely mobile. Equipped with 8 white LEDs increases the microscope up to a 500-fold size and thus captures even the smallest details in image or video.

- A retractable 7.62 cm (3 '') TFT color display
- CMOS Image Sensor 5.0 Mega Pixel
- Image resolution: 12 million (interpolated), 9 million (interpolated), 5 million, 3 million, 1.3 million, VGA
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 111.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Industrial Microscope PCE-VM 21
Order no.: PCE-VM 21

The PCE-VM 21 consists of an optical microscopeCCD camera and LCD screenDue to the 75-fold magnification, it is possible to view very small parts and electronics very clearly. The PCE-VM 21 industrial microscope reduces eye strain during soldering of printed circuit boards (PCBs), investigating of material defects on metal surfaces, and more, making the PCE-VM 21 inspection microscope a vital addition to your plant, shop, production line or quality control laboratory. The PCE-VM 21 quality assurance microscope offers:

- Continuous magnification from 10 ... 75 times
- Adjustable height for viewing of larger objects
- T
ransmitted light and incident light illumination

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 814.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope PCE-IVM 3D
Order no.: PCE-IVM 3D

The mechanical 3D microscope PCE-IVM 3D can be used for reflected light and transmitted light microscopy and therefore allows the creation of three-dimensional representations of the objects. This 3D mechanical microscope that allows object to be checked all around thanks to a mechanical mirror (360 °).

- Magnification continuously from 18 ... 93 times
- Height adjustable for larger objects
- Incident and transmitted illumination
- Data transfer via USB 2.0
- 360 ° rotatable mirror

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 2,092.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope PCE-MVM 3D
Order no.: PCE-MVM 3D
The motorised 3D Microscope PCE-MVM 3D consists of a motorised mirror (45 °), a CCD camera and an LCD display. The motorised 3D microscope is compact, sturdy and easy to use. Due to the 75-fold magnification, it is possible to look at the smallest details and is suitable for the control and processing of electronic components, circuit boards and jewellery.

- Magnification continuously from 12 ... 75 times
- 45 ° motorized mirror
- Height adjustable for larger objects
- Data transfer via USB 2.0
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 2,692.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope DigiMicro 2.0 Deluxe
Order no.: DigiMicro 2.0 Deluxe

By using the USB microscope Findoo DigiMicro 2.0 Deluxe, objects can be magnified by a maximum factor of 150. The integrated CMOS sensor of the microscope has a resolution of 2 megapixels, which allows taking picturres and videos with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. 4 white LEDs assure an optimal lighting of the object to be inspected. The pictures or videos, taken with the microscope, are transferred to a PC via the USB interface.


- CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2 megapixels
- Take pictures and videos with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
- 150x magnification max.
- Lighting is provided by 4 white LEDs


£ 23.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope DigiMicro 2.0 Scale
Order no.: DigiMicro 2.0 Scale
The DigiMicro 2.0 Scale Microscope is ideal for examining all types of surfaces on a microscopic scale, using specialised software to precisely measure distance, area, angles and radius in the enlarged areas accurate to within a micrometer (1 μm = 1/1000 mm). The camera is powered simply by connecting it to a PC by USB 2.0

- 10x to 200x magnification range
- 2.0 Megapixel camera
- 8 built-in LEDs for optimum subject lighting
£ 70.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope XC-100L
Order no.: XC-100L
The portable light microscope XC-100L convinces by the unbeatable price-performance ratio. A 10x achromatic objective and a micrometric eyepiece, which is shared with a cross in 0.1 mm, form only part of the features of our light microscope. With an adjustable battery powered xenon flashlight on the light microscope a very good lighting is also possible without a network connection nearby.

  - Magnification: 40x, 100x
  - monocular
  - Rack-controlled focus
  - Adjustable, battery-powered pen light
Manufacturer: OPTIKA SRL
£ 79.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope DigiMicro Profi
Order no.: DigiMicro Profi
The DigiMicro Profi microscope is working like a digitaly camera. Objects can be heightend, you can take photos or make films

- Power supply about USB
- Connected by USB 2.0
- CMOS- picturesensor 5,0 mega pixel
£ 82.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Digital Camera Microscope DigiMicro Lab 5.0
Order no.: DigiMicro Lab5.0
DigiMicro Lab 5.0 is a digital camera microscope or inspection camera with an 8.9 cm / 3.5 " TFT color display. The included PC software allows for accurate measurements of distances, surface areas, angles and radii of the magnified objects.

- 10x to 500x magnification
- Photo and video recording
- 5.0 megapixel resolution camera
£ 148.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope XZ-2
Order no.: XZ-2
The light microscope XZ-2 is high quality. With the binocular head, you can easily set the correct setting for your examination under a light microscope. The eyepieces of our light microscope XZ-2 is equipped with a cross, which is divided into tenths of a millimeter.
  - Magnification: 7x to 45x
  - Integrated digital camera
  - binocular
  - With 8 "TFT screen
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 1,070.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Laboratory Microscope B-353LD1
Order no.: B-353LD1
The B-353LD1 is a very advanced laboratory microscope. This microscope offers stability and therefore it can be used safely by anyone and requires no special protection measures. You need not be afraid of shipping damage and you can use the laboratory microscope anywhere easily.

  - Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x
  - Trinocular
  - X-LED ™ system
  - Stable and compact
Manufacturer: Optika Microscopes
£ 2,063.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope B-353FL
Order no.: B-353FL
The school Microscope B-353FL impresses with its unbeatable price-performance ratio. Because of the technical equipment and high reliability, the school microscope B-353FL is particularly well suited to be used in advanced teaching facilities as well as in laboratories. The stand of our school microscope consists of a light but strong material, aluminum and is of a modern and ergonomic shape.

- Magnification: 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 1000x
- Abbe condenser with adjustable iris diaphragm
- Height-adjustable heads
- Adjustable interpupillary distance
Manufacturer: Optika Microscopes
£ 2,371.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Metallurgical Microscope XDS-3MET
Order no.: XDS-3MET
The metallurgical microscope XDS 3MET was developed specifically for use in metallurgy. Due to its mechanical flexibility the XDS-3MET represents a high-quality metallurgical microscope. You can install different slides, Petri dishes or bottles on the table of our metallurgical microscope.

- Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x
- trinocular
- 45 ° inclined
- Metallurgical Applications
Manufacturer: OPTIKA SRL
£ 2,837.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Microscope B-600TiFL
Order no.: B-600TiFL

With the B-600TiFL you get a first class teaching microscope. The teaching microscope B-600TiFL offers best quality and a very long life time for a reasonable price. With this unbeatable price-performance ratio, the microscope is ideally suited to use in all laboratory and teaching facilities.

  - Magnification: 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x, fixed magnification
  - Trinocular
  - Diopter adjustment
  - Adjustable interpupillary distance

Manufacturer: Optika Microscopes
£ 4,523.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Inverse Biology Microscope XDS-2FL
Order no.: XDS-2FL

The user-friendly inverse Biology Microscope XDS-2 FL was developed for applications in routine fluorescence analysis. The inverse biology microscope also assures by the bright field and phase contrast method. 

- Magnification: 40x, 100x, 200x
, 400x
- trinocular
- Eye distance adjustable
- 360 ° rotatable head

Manufacturer: Optika Microscopes
£ 5,305.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Fluorescence Microscope XDS-3FL
Order no.: XDS-3FL
The XDS-3FL is a very powerful fluorescence microscope, which is used in both high-quality routine applications, as well as a supplement to the best research microscopes. The fluorescence microscope is characterized by the bright 30W lamp, together with a complete phase ring set, a photo port and the various supports for slide protection, Petri dishes and flasks. A first class optical quality and mechanical flexibility of the fluorescence microscope XDS-3FL is well equipped for the future.

  - Magnification: 100x, 200x, 400x
  - trinocular
  - Diopter adjustment
  - 30 ° inclined
Manufacturer: Optika Microscopes
£ 6,449.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

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