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Carbon Dioxide Meter

In this category you will find the carbon dioxide meter which is specially made for the determination of Carbon Dioxide Meter the carbon dioxide content in the air. The carbon dioxide meter warns optically or acoustically when the carbon dioxide content is critical. Moreover, depending on the model, the carbon dioxide meter supports the function of switching relays when an adjusted value is exceeded. This function can help with the automatic conditioning of rooms. The auto calibration function of the carbon dioxide meter makes an easy calibration possible. 

The carbon dioxide meter supports the function of data storage and further data transfer of measuring results to a computer. Therefore, it is possible to take long-term measurements in order to capture the carbon dioxide content of a specific place for a longer period. Also, you can find a carbon dioxide meter for fixed installations. These can be applied individually or inconnected to a gas warning system.

Carbon Dioxide MeterCarbon Dioxide MeterCarbon Dioxide Meter

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Carbon dioxide meter catalog
Here you will find some further informations about our carbon dioxide meter (PDF) in
our catalog...Carbon dioxide meter catalog

Carbon Dioxide Meter PCE-AC 3000
Order no.: PCE-AC 3000
PCE-AC 3000 is a portable handheld carbon dioxide meter used to measure, monitor and record ambient temperature (ºC / ºF) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas levels indoors. This accurate, affordable indoor air quality meter features an adjustable alarm with audible and visual signals.

- Measurement range for CO2: 0 ... 3000 ppm
- Measurement range for ambient temperature: -20 ... +50 ºC / +32 ... +122 ºF
- Memory: Stores 48 sets of CO2 and temperature data for the past 24 hours; one log per 30 minutes
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 162.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Carbon Dioxide Meter PCE-WMM 50
Order no.: PCE-WMM 50
PCE-WMM 50 is a wall-mounted carbon dioxide meter that uses diffusion to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) gas levels and ambient temperature (ºC / ºF) indoors. This indoor air quality meter features an alarm-activated potential-free contact that can, for example, activate a fan to reduce CO2 gas concentration in the room.

- CO2 gas measurement range: 0 ... 50,000 ppm
- Temperature measurement range: 0 ... +45 ºC / +32 ... +113 ºF
- IP54-rated enclosure on sensor and remote display units
- 2 adjustable alarm thresholds
- 3- to 4-digit remote display (depends on range)
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 327.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Carbon Dioxide Meter PCE-AC 2000
Order no.: PCE-AC 2000

The innovatively designed Carbon Dioxide Meter PCE-AC 2000 evaluates the indoor air quality based on the combined measurement of CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. In particular for the assessment of air quality in meeting, lounges in the public and commercial sector (eg schools, meeting rooms, ...) and for industrial applications, the easy to read gas meter is very useful.

- Scope: Personal Protective
- Memory: No
- Visual indication CO2 value
- Measuring range up to 3000 ppm
- Maintenance free NDIR CO2 sensor

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 418.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Carbon Dioxide Meter CDL 210
Order no.: CDL 210
CDL 210 is an indoor desktop non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) air quality meter with data logger for detecting, measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) levels as well as relative humidity (% RH) and ambient temperature (ºC / ºF) in home, school, office and industrial work environments.


- Measurement range: 0 ... 2000 ppm of CO2
- Resolution: 1 ppm of CO2
- Accuracy: ± 50 ppm ± 5 % of reading of CO2
- USB port for data download to PC
- Simultaneously displays CO2 level, % RH and ºC / ºF in real time

£ 129.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Carbon Dioxide Meter Gasman-CO2
Order no.: Gasman-CO2

The Carbon Dioxide Meter Gasman-CO2 is a unique gas meter which protects against a specific gas, combustible or toxic. The Carbon Dioxide Meter warns with a penetrating alarm and an optical signal (useful in case when there are loud noises in the surroundings) of the existence of dangerous gas concentrations and shows on screen the value of the gas measurement.


- Rechargeable, includes charger
- Loud sound
- For CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
- Dust and water resistant - IP 65/67
- 0 ... 5 % v/v

£ 531.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

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