Paint Gloss Tester PCE-GM 75

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Paint Gloss Testing
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Gloss meter

Surface testing for curvy and small surfaces / Data memory for 1,245 readings / Measuring geometry 60° / Evaluation also possible without additional software / One-key operation / Calibration standard included

The gloss meter has a measuring surface of Ø 4.5 mm. Thanks to this small measuring surface, the gloss meter enables measurements on particularly small surfaces. With a maximum inaccuracy of 1%, the gloss meter is a high-precision measuring instrument for fast and easy measurements on surfaces. The one-button operation allows quick and easy operation of the surface inspection device.

Another special feature of the gloss meter is the data storage function. This gloss meter automatically stores up to 1,245 measurements. To read the data, the gloss meter must be connected to a computer. No additional drivers or software are required to read the data from the gloss meter. The stored data is saved in the .txt file format on the surface inspection device and can be analyzed directly. In addition to the storage of the measured data, a time stamp is created per measurement.

Gloss measurement on curvy and small surfaces

Gloss Measurement on small surfaces.Gloss is one of the criteria that is always taken into consideration when it goes about quality assessment. Correct analysis of the gloss of a certain surface helps to make conclusions about the quality and whether the necessary standards have been met during the production or repair process. Excessive or insufficient gloss may be an indication of the application of the wrong methods and time of the surface treatment, wear-out, deteriorating condition, and loss of the protective function, since gloss has not only optical effect, but very often, it also performs protective function if coating is applied.

Measurement on the even flat surfaces is an easy-to-perform task, but it often happens that the surface is curvy or the area to be measured is very small. For such challenging tasks a small portable gloss meter has been designed and due to this device even the measurement on the most complicated surfaces has become feasible. Operation of the gloss meter is easy, but the user should remember to be careful to obtain the most accurate results. The sample to be measured or some part of it must be in a stable position as well as the meter and for each separate part of the curvy surface the upper and lower gloss limits should be determined separately. The convenience and possibility to get the best measuring position is also provided by the design of the measuring instrument. A small measuring window as well as the support area is so small that the device can be applied even on the tiniest parts of the surface. Gloss measurement on curvy surfaces.The examples of curvy surfaces may be numerous: parts of the automobiles, bottles, ceramics, window frames, doors, such materials as marble or granite etc. The gloss meter applied on such surfaces carries out the measurement continuously and thus, even the most complicated geometry of the surface, where the character of the surface changes does not prevent the device from getting very accurate data. Application of the other measuring instruments for this purpose does not compare in accuracy with the results provided by the gloss meter.

Gloss and ISO requirements

Gloss – is one of those parameters that has got its own paragraph in ISO requirements, which means that as all the other parameters, it should be treated with attention and responsibility. Curvy surfaces often have more functionality and a much better optical look, and should not be ignored and left in the background by the producers just because the measurements on them are much more challenging. Application of the correct device destroys this type of obstacle and turns the challenging tasks into doable.

- Data memory for later evaluations
- For measurements on small surfaces
- Measuring range up to 1000 GU
- Precise measurements thanks to high accuracy
- Micro USB interface for PC connection
- Simple one-button operation
Measuring range
0 ... 99.9 GU
  100 ... 1000 GU
Resolution 0.1 GU
  1 GU
Repeatability < 0.45 GU
Accuracy < 1 GU
Measurement geometry 60°
Measuring surface Ø4.5 mm
Data storage 1,245 measured values
Interface Micro USB
Power supply 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Environmental conditions         0 ... 40°C / 32 ... 313°F, < 85% rh non-condensing
Dimensions 115 x 65 x 25 mm / 4.5 x 2.6 x 1 in
Weight 100 g / < 1 lb
Standardize GB9754-88, GB9966.5, ISO2813, JJG696-2002

1 x Gloss meter PCE-GM 75
1 x Calibration standard
1 x Micro-USB cable
1 x Cleaning cloth
2 x 1.5V AAA battery
1 x User manual