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Magnetic Stirrer

Order no.: PCE-MSR 100

PCE-MSR 100 is a magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate commonly used in laboratories to ensure liquid samples are homogeneous in consistency and temperature. Proper mixing also boosts sensor response time, allowing measuring instruments to achieve stable readings more quickly.

- Maximum stirring volume: 2 Liters (L) ≈ 0.52 gallon
- Adjustable stirring speeds: 0 ... 1250 rpm
- Includes one magnetic stirrer bar 


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Order no.: PCE-MSR 110
The inductive magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR-110, is a flat, space-saving laboratory magnetic stirrer. Due to the induction-based operation, a quiet operation and a flat design of the stirrer are made possible.

- Maximum stirring capacity: 800 ml / 0.21 gallon based on water
- Flat construction
- Silent and wear-free drive
- Timer
- Agitator in stainless steel IP 65
- 1 stirring position Ø 94 mm / 3.7"
- Variably adjustable 15 - 1500 rpm
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Order no.: PCE-MSR 300

Magnetic PCE-MSR 300 with a large display and ability to set temperature, stirring speed and time. The adjusted data can be read directly on the display of the magnetic stirrer.

- Stirring capacity: 2 liters
- Stirring speed: 0 ... 1250 rpm
- Temperature range: 20 ... 300 °C
- Timer: 0 ... 999 min


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Order no.: PCE-MSR 400

PCE-MSR 400 is a multi-position magnetic stirrer with four stirring points for stirring up to four beakers simultaneously. This multi-beaker laboratory stir plate uses the induction method for quiet stirring. The flat stainless steel design is both low profile and easy to clean.

- Adjustable speed: 15 ... 1200 rpm
- Timer
- Stir plate made of stainless steel
- IP65 ingress protection rating
- 4 stirring points

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments