Color Matching Cabinet PCE-CIC 20

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Color matching cabinet  for comparing colors /  Light types D75, D65, D50 /
LED bulbs / Operating hours counter per type of light  / Large viewing area

The color matching cabinet is an important piece of equipment in the printing industry. With the color matching cabinet, prints can be checked for color matching and metamerism immediately after completion. In addition to the printing industry, the color matching cabinet is used by advertising agencies, in the press area and in publishers, as well as wherever large formats need to be visually inspected. The positioning of the lamp on the color viewing box ensures optimal lighting of the desk and the rear wall. This means that a horizontal and a vertical surface can be used as a viewing plane.

A separate operating hours counter with reset function is available to control the lighting time of the three types of light, daylight D75, D65 and D50. Due to the LED lamps, a change is only necessary after 8000 operating hours. The light types can be switched as single or mixed light. The four braked castors enable the color matching cabinet to be used at different locations.

Metamerism in general refers to the fact that the same colors can look different with different types of light or different positioning. 

- Color assessment with 3 different types of light
- Horizontal and vertical observation
- Long lifespan thanks to LED
- Neutral grey paint N5
- Operating hours counter per type of light
- Large lighting area of the objects

Type of light / Light color D75 / ca. 7500 K
  D65 / ca. 6500 K
  D50 / ca. 5000 K
External dimensions 1350 x 990 x 2170 mm
Platform dimensions 1350 x 900 mm
Power supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Operating hours counter per type of light yes

1 x Color Matching Cabinet PCE-CIC 20
4 x LED tube D75
4 x LED tube D65
4 x LED tube D50
1 x User manual