Color Matching Cabinet PCE-CIC 11

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Color Matching Cabinet for color matching / For use in quality control / Hour counter / Large viewing area / Easy to clean interior / Simulation of six light types


The color matching cabinet is a simulation tool, which is mainly used in quality control. The color matching cabinet accurately corrects light types and thus allows direct comparison of products that must have special color characteristics. The color matching cabinet supports six possible lighting types. These colors are supplied as standard: "A/F", "D65", "TL84/F11", "UV", "CWF" and "TL83/U30".


Metamerism can be prevented by the use of a color matching cabinet. An hour counter is installed in the color matching cabinet, which, in addition to the hours, also allows the general use of the respective illuminant. This makes it easier to stick to the recommended running time of the lamps. The type of light required can be selected on the switchboard of the color matching cabinet. In addition to the single unit, it is also possible to switch to mixed light by simultaneously pressing the required buttons on the switching bar. 

- Simulation of different light types
- Hour counter for each light type
- Short warm-up time
- According to ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI, BSI
- Easy to clean housing
- Optimal illumination of the cabin
House light A / F
Artificial daylight D65
Fluorescent light TL84 / F11
Ultraviolet UV
Office / business / storage room light CWF
Business / office lighting in the USA TL83 / U30
Measurements 695 x 552 x 502 mm
Standards ASTM D1729, 

1 x Color Matching Cabinet PCE-CIC 11
4 x Bulbs Philips ZS 40 W
2 x Fluorescent tube Philips Lifemax TLD 18W / 840
2 x Fluorescent tube Philips Lifemax TLD 18W / 33-640
2 x Fluorescent tube Philips Lifemax TLD 18W / 830
1 x Fluorescent Tube Sylvania Standard, F20T12 / D65
1 x Fluorescent tube Philips TL-D 18W BLB
1 x Instruction manual