Exhibitions attended by PCE


Everybody in Industry needs a reliable supplier of weighing and measuring equipment as well as systems, solutions and services to enhance business productivity and to support the user as much as possibly. At PCE Instruments we aim to supply the solution to all your possibly needs in the aforementioned areas and also provide technical help to solve any problems encountered. In addition to our catalogues and online shop PCE Instruments also regularly holds stands at various trade shows such as MIAC in Italy , LABORALIA in Spain or the TechExpo in Moscow. Russia showed a big interest in PCE Instruments Products specifically in the field of weighing technology.  The sky is the limit for PCE.


At the ICTP in Aachen (Germany)
PCE-Messestand                Internationale Konferenz
International visit at the ICTP Conference.


At the SENSOR+Test in Nürnberg (Germany)



At the CONTROL exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany)

Besucher bei der Messe in Stuttgart                

Besucher bei der Messe in Stuttgart                Fachmesse Italien: MIAC.

In addition to contact with out experienced technical staff a raffle was held for one lucky winner.


At the Elektrotechnik in Dortmund (Germany)

PCE auf   der Elektrotechnik - Messe in Dortmund

Reger   Besuch am Messestand der PCE                Vorgestellt wurde eine große Auswahl an Elektromessgeräten

Großes Interesse am USB-Mikroskop auf der Elektrotechnik                Leistungsmessgeräte konnten vor Ort getestet werden

Vorstellung des USB-Mikroskopes auf der Messe                Beratung gab es auf der Messe auch im Bereich Regeltechnik

At the MIAC in Italy
Besucher bei der Messe in Italien: Mess- und Wiegetechnik.                Fachmesse Italien: MIAC.
Quick visit of the stand

At the Laboralia in Spain
Messestand am frühen Morgen.                Die Geräte werden auf der Messe in Vitrinen präsentiert: Mess- und     Wiegetechnik.

At the stand our devices are presented in display cases but if a prospective customer wishes to see and test are devices we gladly oblige. We also carry test subjects to test different parameters.


Above is a small selection of images from our recent show in Moscow. One product that had a lot of interest shown in it was the Moisture Balance PCE-MB 200.

At the TechExpo in Moscow
Wiegetechnik: Irina Holzmann und Hilmar Vielhaber im     Beratungsgespräch                 Wiegetechnik: Hilmar Vielhaber und Jose Garcia im Gespräch mit     örtlichen Pressefotografen
More pictures from the TechExpo in Moscow, with some very interested customers.

Wiegetechnik: Ludger Göckeler und Irina Holzmann bei der     Kundenberatung                 Wiegetechnik: David Peters im Einzelgespräch

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