Portable Viscometer Viscolite d15

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Viscolite d15
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Viscolite d15 is a portable resonant or vibrational viscometer used in industrial and research applications to measure viscosity in very small samples 10 ml / 0.34 oz and up. Featuring a built-in thermometer and a nearly maintenance-free design with no openly rotating parts, this handheld viscometer is delivered with one 316L stainless steel measuring probe and displays measurements in centipoise (cP). The energy loss measurement during vibration yields very high accuracy in very small vessels.

- Uses resonant frequency vibration to measure fluid viscosity
- No moving parts to damage, easy cleanup, and virtually maintenance free 
- Measures every 1.5 second
- Produces no compression or sound waves
- Can be used in any vessel, regardless of size
- Comes with an ISO calibration certificate
- Includes a carrying case

Technical specifications

Measuring principle

Vibrational viscometer

Temperature compensation

Viscosity range

Immediate via integrated thermometer 

Centipoise (cP)

0 ... 5,000 cP (mPa.S)


General specifications


Reproducibility Better than 1%
Temperature range -20 ... +120 °C / -4 ... +248 °F
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries
Min. sample volume 10 ml (cc) / 0.34 oz
Min. sample mass < 500 g / 1.11 lb
Display min. 500 g
Approx. length of measuring probe 215 mm / 8.47 in
Binding Acetal (Delrin®)
Meter enclosure protection class IP65
Safety certificate "Safe area"
See user manual for complete technical specifications and operating instructions.

Delivery contents

1 x Viscolite d15 portable viscometer
1 x Measuring probe
1 x ISO calibration certificate
1 x Carrying case
1 x User manual

NOTE: The liquid to be measured needs to be specified at the time of ordering.