Distance Measuring Survey Equipment T 590

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T 590
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T 590 Metric-Only Distance Measuring Survey Equipment
For agricultural, sports and civil engineering use
The T 590 metric-only distance measuring survey equipment is ideal for measuring distances on land on irregular surfaces. Therefore, this distance measuring device is mainly used in agricultural fields, croplands, meadows and forests. The distance measuring device's heavy duty steel construction allows use under adverse conditions such as in the rain or in muddy soil. The distance measuring device counter wheel works automatically to a maximum length of 9999.9 meters.

- Measures uneven land surface
- Accuracy counter incorporated on the wheel
- Lightweight yet solid construction
- Folding handle
- If the distance measuring device is moving forward, it will add; if backwards, it will subtract
- Automatic counter to 9999.9 m
- Chrome, spoked wheel
- Zero indicator
- Perimeter = 2 m
- Dirt repellent and brake
- Color: Orange

Measurement range9999.9 m (metric only)
Reading1 cm
Tolerance< 0.25 %
Wheel perimeter 2 m
Wheel typeChrome, spoked wheel
Weight5600 g

1 x T 590 distance measuring survey equipment
1 x user manual