Distance meter T593

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High accuracy distances measurement , tolerance < 0.02%

The distance meter of high accuracy is ideal to measure level surfaces like streets, ways or roads. Its rugged construction makes it resistant to adverse climatologic conditions and other environmental conditions. The wheel measures automatically up to 9999.9 meters.

The feature that makes it different from the rest of the wheel type devices of similar characteristics is its tight tolerance of < 0.02%. 

- Measures surfaces accessible to the wheel
- Accuracy counter mechanism
- Lightweight
- Solid
- Folding handle
- If the measuring wheel is moving forward it will add, if rolled backward it subtracts distance
- Automatic meter to 9999.9 m
- Embedded
- Metal measuring Wheel
- Color: Orange
- Tolerance only 0.02%

technical data
Measurement range9999.9 m
Reading1 cm
Tolerance< 0.02 %
Wheel diameter318.5 mm ( =  1m perimeter)
Wheel typemetal wheel
Weight4100 g

Delivery content:
1 x distance meter of high accuracy T-593
1 x user instruction