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Digital Thermometer PCE-WMS 1

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-20 ... 60 °C / -4 ... 140 °F
Yes (USB, Ethernet)
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Expandable temperature and humidity measuring system for e.g. warehouse or
production hall (up to 100 measuring points can be monitored)
The measuring system for warehouse monitoring PCE-WMS 1 is used for permanent monitoring of air temperature and humidity. The measuring system for the warehouse PCE-WMS 1 consists of the temperature - humidity meter PCE-P18 and the remote maintenance unit with data logger PCE-SM61. The monitoring system for warehouses can of course be expanded with additional sensors of the type PCE-P18-1. The temperature and humidity meter PCE-P18 is connected to the data logger via the Modbus. The moisture meter records the temperature and humidity and transmits these values ​​digitally. The currently measured data can be called up via a web browser. Furthermore, this temperature and humidity meter for warehouse monitoring saves the measurement data on an internal memory. This memory is approx. 1 GB in size and can be read using an FTP program. The warehouse monitoring system PCE-WMS 1 is Plug 'n Play capable, which means that the measuring system for temperature and humidity only needs to be supplied with voltage and it is ready for use. The various sensors are placed at relevant measuring points in the warehouse and connected to the measuring system via an Ethernet cable. The PCE-SM 61 is connected to the local LAN via the Ethernet interface and is ready for use.


- Measures temperature and humidity
- Storage of measurement data
- Remote query of the measured values via web browser
- Admin and user areas
- Up to 100 sensors can be connected
- Ethernet interface
- Plug and play capable
- Alarm functions


Technical Data Humidity - Temperature Measuring System PCE-WMS 1

Main unit remote maintenance module PCE-SM61 warehouse surveillance system
Input RS 485 Modbus 
Output 2 relays
Interface Ethernet: configuration / communication
USB: configuration
Supply voltage 20 ... 40 V AC / DC
Power consumption 4 VA
Protection class IP 40
In addition to the input for the PCE-P18-1 sensor units, the remote maintenance module also has relay outputs. These relays can switch on preset alarms. Furthermore, the remote maintenance module is read out and configured via the attached Ethernet interface. A special highlight of the main unit of the warehouse surveillance system is that this system can send alarms via email. This has the advantage that a preset user is informed directly by email if, for example, a measured value has been exceeded or if the memory is ready to be read out. 

Main unit power supply PS24V03A
Input voltage 90 ... 240 V AC
Output voltage / current 24 V DC / 3 A
The power pack from the warehouse monitoring system supplies the remote maintenance module PCE-SM61 and the connected sensor units with voltage. The power supply, which is built into the main unit, enables up to 40 sensor units to be supplied. The remote maintenance module for warehouse monitoring and the power pack are delivered pre-wired in a wall-mounted housing. Installation is no longer necessary. Only the network configuration has to be done. The main unit of the warehouse surveillance system is ideally placed close to a network socket. From there, the PCE-WMS 1 is integrated into the LAN. The sensors are connected separately via the additional RJ45 socket.

Sensor unit temperature and humidity meter PCE-P18
Measuring range 0 ... 100 % RH
Accuracy ± 2 % (in the range 10 ... 90 % RH)
± 3 % (remaining measuring range)
Measuring range -20 ... +60 °C / -4 ... 140 °F
Accuracy ± 0.5 % of the measuring range
Calculated parameters dew point [°C]
absolute humidity [g/m³]
Interface Modbus RTU
Transmission modes 8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 8O1
Baud rate 4800 bps
9600 bps
19200 bps
38400 bps
57600 bps
Transmitted parameterID from the transmitter
dew point
absolute humidity
temperature (Min / Max)
humidity (Min / Max)
dew point (Min / Max)
absolute humidity (Min / Max)
Supply voltage
(supplied via data line)
19 V ... 30 V DC
Ambient conditions -30 ... +85 °C / -22 ... 185 °F / max. 95 % RH
Degree of protection IP 65
Mountingwall mounting
Dimensions 35 x 58 x 118 mm / 1.3 x 2.2 x 4.6"

The sensor unit measures temperature and humidity. In addition, other parameters for warehouse monitoring are output via the interface. The sensor unit is delivered ready for connection. Upon receipt, the sensor unit simply has to be connected to the main unit, the temperature and humidity meter, for the warehouse using a standard patch cable. The main unit recognizes this sensor immediately and the sensor unit only has to be added in the configuration.
The warehouse surveillance system sensor can be unobtrusively mounted at any point in the warehouse. The connection is made via the RJ45 cable socket. The sensor can be connected to the main unit via any network cable. 

Visualization of the measurement data for warehouse monitoring in the administrator area
The system administrators can make all settings for the remote maintenance module in the administrator area. In addition to the display of the measured values ​​on the map and in tabular form, alarms can be set here, users can be managed and storage settings can be made. Of course, it is also possible to integrate additional sensors and set up the map display. 

Tabular representation of the data in the user area
The measured values ​​can be viewed in the user area. Furthermore, the alarms can be viewed in the user area. The user area offers limited access compared to the administrator area. This prevents unauthorized personnel from changing or deleting settings on the warehouse surveillance system. Of course, the graphical view of the measured values ​​is also possible, as shown in the example in the administrator area.

Download of the saved measurement values
The measured values ​​stored by the warehouse monitoring system can be downloaded via an FTP program. You can then view the measured values ​​in a database. 

Delivery Scope

Scope of delivery starter set warehouse monitoring system PCE-WMS 1

Warehouse surveillance system main unit
1 x Remote maintenance module PCE-SM 61, 1 x power supply unit PS24V03A, 1 x wall housing (pre-wired)

Sensor unit
1 x Temperature and humidity sensor PCE-P18-1, 1 x connection cable (approx. 0.2 m (0.65 ft) with Ethernet socket)

Connection material
1 x Mains connection cable, 1 x 2-way splitter module, 1 x 2 m (6.5 ft)Ethernet patch cable for connecting a sensor unit