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PCE Instruments is a registered Trademark of
PCE Deutschland GmbH (a company of
PCE Holding GmbH)


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Trademark - PCE Instrument


Registered Trademarks

PCE Instruments, PCE Inst. and PCE Instrumentation.
(Registration at PONS (Alicante, Spain): No. 008985665008985632008985624)


Holding Structure (Organigram)

PCE Holding GmbH Organigram


PCE is focussed on development, manufacture and sales of test and measurement instruments, laboratory test equipment, control technology and weighing equipment for commercial and industrial customers. In addition PCE has built strong relationships to universities and research institutes. PCE Instruments specializes in high quality products in the field of preventive maintenance, but provides a much wider product range in order to meet all customer requirements.

The devices are designed to help buyers better understand its production processes and increase the efficiency. Clients are able to level up their product quality and output quantity.



The Trademark PCE Instruments should continuously be popularized in future - not only to be one of the well-known brands, rather to take the leading position in the fields of industrial measurement and weighing equipment.

To maintain a high product quality level, respectively, to improve and to ensure a high delivery stability and high service level quality, PCE continuously improves its processes in all subsidiaries.


Call our technicians and engineers to find the best industrial measurement product or solution:
UK 02380 987 030 | US (561) 320-9162

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