Piece Counting Scale PCE-IS03

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Piece Counting Scale PCE-IS03
(Piece counting scale used as weighing / counting system for large quantities)

Piece counting scale system for professional piece counting, each consisting of a bulk scale and a reference scale. Thepiece counting scale is in three verifiable and three non-verifiable (but calibrateable) variants. The two scales are connected via an interface cable. The reference scale assumes the fine weighing of the smallest components and the bulk scale then shows the number of pieces of large quantities of these parts carefully. The numbers are quickly identified. If you need a printout of the numbers we providethe appropriate printer. Orconnect thepiece counting scale to your computer (optional softwarekit) and transmit the weighing data directly to the computer. All variants are calibrated according to ISO, the verifiable versions can be calibrated.

The products described on this page is a combination of two scales on an industrial scale counting system. Find technical data sheets for these products individually (product-specific) - Precision Balance PCE-PM or Precision Balance PCE-LSM.


Apiece counting scale must be verified officially if they are used as follows:
a) For commercial transactions if the price of a commodity is determined by the precision balance.
b)In the production of medicines in pharmacies, as well as for analyses in the medical and
pharmaceutical laboratory.
c) For official purposes such as the determination of fees, duties and penalties. Furthermore, in reports for the courts.
d) In the production of finished packages.

Each piece counting scale is checked by the verification office and provided with a verification mark. Thus, their accuracy is confirmed by thepermittedcalibration tolerance. The scope of the EU-calibration extends to all Member States of the EU (European Union). Ourpiece counting scale can be calibrated to class II. This means that it is calibrated by the calibration officer at the site.

Not suitable for official calibration precision balance - system (calibrated)
WeigherReference scale
Precision balance systemWeighing range
[g]Calibration value
[g]Calibration value
[g]Minimum w.
PCE-IS 03300100

Common technical characteristics (not verifiable)
T transient
5 s (total system)
using optional external calibration weights (only in non approved status)
Display devices
Bulk scale: 14 mm LED display /Reference scale: 18 mm LCDdisplay
Weighing plate
Weigher: 600 x 490 mm (with PCE-IS 03)
Weigher: painted steel / Reference scale: Die-cast aluminum
Weigher: 600 x 600 x 130 mm (with PCE-IS 03)
Reference scale: 240 x 275 x 90 mm
230 V / 50 Hz (via power supply)
Weigher: IP 54 / Reference scale: IP 54
Weigher: 24 kg (with PCE-IS 03)
Reference scale: ca. 4 kg
Examples of applications for piece counting scale
Präzisionswaage zur genauen Stückzählung von Schrauben.Präzisionswaage zur genauen Stückzählung von Kugeln.Präzisionswaage zur genauen Stückzählung bei der Inventur (im Lager).

The piece counting scale is used not onlyforinventory. Often items like screws or balls are weighed and packaged for shipment after production. However, to determine the mass of the price of the goods, a PTB-counting system must be used in each case. We can supply you with both system variants.

Scope of delivery
1 x piece counting scale - PCE-IS03 system consisting of one reference scale and one balance, 1 x data cable (interface cable for communication between the two scales), 2 x power supply cable, user manual