Pallet Truck Scales TPWLKM-6 (calibrated)

Order no.: TPWLKM-6
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price ex. (VAT / delivery)
2000 kg
0.5 kg, 1 kg
Verifiable M III
Delivery time: 5-7 working days
Pallet Truck Scales TPWLKM-6  (Pallet truck with verified scale Class III)
Pallet truck with internal two-range scale, Resolution 0.5 kg / 1000 kg and 1 kg / 2000 kg
Accuracy: 0.1% at max. 2000 kg, IP 68 stainless steel display, 
removable and rechargeable battery, operating time approx. 80 hours 
The calibrated TPWLKM-6 are hand pallet truck scales with an internal scale calibrated according to trade class M III with two weighing ranges, up to 2000 kg. The pallet truck with the internal scale provides a resolution of 0.5 kg to 1000 kg and a resolution of 1 kg for 1000 kg to 2000 kg. The accuracy of the pallet truck scale is very high, lies with a tolerance limit of 0.1% of the weighing value and is confirmed by the calibration. The control unit of the calibrated pallet truck with internal scale has a high-contrast 25mm high LC display in an IP 68 protected stainless steel housing. The calibrated hand pallet truck scale is therefore ideally suited for rough use. The internal battery of the calibrated pallet truck scale, with an operating time of approx. 80 hours, is removable and rechargeable. With the help of an optionally available replacement battery, this enables the pallet truck scale to be used continuously. The rollers of the pallet truck scales are covered with polyurethane and ensure very smooth running. The strengths of the pallet truck scale lie in the multitude of functions available. Net / gross weighing, summing of weighings, weighing with a tolerance control, percentage weighing, piece counting and maximum value determination. This means that you can use this calibrated pallet truck scale very flexibly in business-related transactions and in operation for internal applications. Weigh and transport your goods directly during loading at the loading ramp or in the truck. This means shorter distances and considerably shorter loading and unloading times.

- Calibrated according to trade class M III
- Two weighing ranges for high accuracy
- Accuracy of ± 0.1% of the weighing value
- Protection class IP 68
- Large 25 mm stainless steel display
- Net / gross weighing
- Percent weighing
- Piece counting
- Automatic tare deduction, tare manual input
- Tolerance control weighing
- Summing function
- Auto power-off for battery protection
- Operation by battery
- Low-wear rollers
Technical Data
Weighing range 0...2000 kg

0.5 kg up to 1000 kg / 1 kg up to 2000 kg
Calibration value 0.5 kg up to 1000 kg / 1 kg up to 2000 kg
Tare range 100 %
Piece weight min. 2 kg
Settling time < 10 s
Weighing unit kg / lb
Display LC display, Digit height 25 mm, Stainless steel housing
Max. overload 200 %
Operating temp. -10 ... + 40 °C
Power supply Internal battery, 6V - 4.5 Ah
Housing Metal (stove enamelled)
Protection IP 68
Dimensions 1170 x 550 x 85 mm
Weight 125 kg

Delivery contents
Pallet Truck Scales TPWLKM-6, battery, charger and manual
Note: The scale from the pallet truck is already calibrated upon delivery.