Moisture Analyzer for Building Materials PCE-HGP

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PCE-HGP Multifunction Moisture Analyzer
Uses penetrating pins to measure moisture content of wood and other materials /
Also measures air relative humidity (RH) and temperature and calculates dew point temperature

PCE-HGP is a multifunction moisture analyzer that uses penetrating pins to measure the moisture content of wood and other construction or building materials. PCE-HGP also measures the relative humidity (RH) and ambient temperature and calculates the dew point temperature of the air.

A table of exotic wood type coefficient values is provided in the user manual to allow for proper calculation. The table lists coefficient values for exotic wood types including but not limited to Gonzales Alves, Pine, Brazilian-Rosewood, Chipboard, Cedar, Dogwood, European Aspen, Elm, Oak, Juniper, Maple, Ash, Quebracho Blanco and Colorado, Sandalwood, Mahagony, Olive, Umbrella, Pear, Persimmon, African Walnut, Teak, Willow and more.

- Penetrating pins measure moisture content of wood and other construction or building materials
- Measures 3 wood groups (12 types + 270 exotic types)
- Also measures air humidity (RH) and ambient temperature and calculates dew point temperature
- Compact, lightweight, pocket-sized hygropen
- High accuracy
- Temperature compensation
- Ideal for use in situ
- User friendly
- Capacitance and resistance sensor types
- Low power indicator and auto-off power-saving function after 5 minutes of inactivity
Measuring ranges
Material moisture: 6% ... 60%
Relative humidity: 0% ... 100% RH
Air temperature: -5ºC ... 50ºC / 23ºF ... 122ºF
Dew point temperature: -9ºC ... 50ºC / 16ºF ... 122ºF

Out of range indication
Below range: LO
Over range: HI

Number of wood groups
3 groups: 12 types + 270 exotic types

Wood temperature range
0ºC ... 50ºC / 32ºF ... 122ºF

Material moisture:
  ±1% within range 6% ... 15%
  ±2% within range 16% ... 28%
  Over 28% - approx. measurement
Relative humidity (at 20ºC):
  ±2% within 20% ... 85%
  ±3% within 0% ... 20% and 85% ... 100%
Air temperature:
  ± 1ºC / ±2ºF

Material moisture: 0.1%
Relative humidity: 0.5 % RH
Air temperature: 0.5ºC / 0.5°F

Sensor types
Relative humidity: Capacitance (HUMIREL)
Air temperature: Resistance (HUMIREL)

General specifications
Display: LCD
Power: 1 x 12 V battery
Auto power off: After 5 minutes of inactivity
Dimensions: 160 x 27 x 15 mm / 6.2 x 1.0 x 0.6 inches
Weight: 100 g / 0.23 lb

See user manual for complete technical specifications.
1 x PCE-HGP multifunction moisture tester for wood with pins
1 x Protective cap
2 x Nails for use with very hard materials
1 x Battery
1 x User manual