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Moisture Analyser PCE-WM1

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PCE-WM 1 humidity detector
measures absolute and relative humidity in % and g/m³,
ambient temperature, dew point with an external sensor

The PCE-WM 1 humidity detector has a wide range of uses and can determine relative humidity in % and absolute humidity in g/m³ to a high degree of accuracy. With this humidity detector  ambient conditions can be measured, such as relative humidity and ambient temperature, and it can also measure surface temperature with an external sensor which comes with the device. The humidity detector can also calculate dew point and as well as relative humidity in g/m³. This device is used extensively in the construction sector or in the food industry to develop new products and ensure quality and freshness. The humidity detector comes calibrated from the manufacturer but is uncertified. A DIN ISO calibration from an accredited laboratory can be ordered, or please contact us. We can perform an annual recalibration to meet ISO standards. Here you will find an overview from which to choose the best humidity detector to suit your needs.

- Measures humidity and ambient temperature
  using an external temperature sensor and an
 external sensor for measuring surface temperature
- Shows absolute and relative humidity in % or
  g/m³ and temperature
- Determines dew point
- ISO 9000 laboratory calibration and certificate
- Minimum, maximum values and Peak Hold
- Designed for the food industry to control ambient conditions and for ventilation problems in

Technical specifications
Measurement range

                               Temperature                        0 to 50°C
                               Relative humidity                10 to 95% r.h.
                               Absolute humidity                0.5 to 74.4g/m³
                               Dew point temperature         -27.3 to 47.9°C
                               Temperature                         0.1%
                               Relative humidity                  0.1°C
                               Absolute humidity                 0.1g/m³
                               Temperature                          ±1K
                               Relative humidity                    ±3%
                               Absolute humidity                  ±2%
Response time                                                     approx. 10 s
Minimum, Maximum values and Peak Hold             yes
External temperature sensor                                 1.1m cable
Power                                                                 9V battery
Operating conditions                                             -20 to 50°C / 0 to 100% r.h.
Dimensions (device)                                             165 x 80 x 33mm
Dimensions (sensor)                                             150 x 30mm (ambient temperature / humidity)
                                                                           50 x 30mm (surface temperature)
Weight                                                                 380g
Dew point / Dew point temperature

Dew point temperature is defined as the actual content of water vapour in the air found at the maximum level (100% of relative humidity of air). Dew point is therefore an independent measure from the actual temperature. One way of measuring dew point is freezing a metal pipe until moisture forms on its surface. When water vapour appears, the metal has reached dew point temperature. The most common method to measure dew point is to use a wet thermometer together with a dry thermometer. The wet thermometer shows dew point and with the ambient temperature, relative humidity can be determined. This device does this calculation automatically.

Relative humidity / Absolute humidity in % or g/m³

The expression "relative humidity" represents the degree of relative saturation of air, i.e. which percentage of the maximum saturation of air moisture is given at this specific temperature. The scientific definition of "relative air humidity" refers to the relationship of the partial pressure of water vapour with respect to the pressure of water saturation. The word air doesn't appear in the definition as relative air humidity is totally independent from the existing quantity of nitrogen or oxygen. The saturation vapour pressure of water vapour remains the same regardless of it being measured in a vacuum or high air pressure. To show if the air is dry or humid, relative air humidity is far more significant than absolute humidity in grammes of water per kilogram of air. In certain volumes, air humidity in absolute terms can be shown in g/m³.
The PCE-WM 1 humidity detector determines relative humidity, ambient temperature, surface temperature and calculates dew point and air water content in g/m³. These values can be seen on the display with the help of the selecting dial. The humidity detector can be recalibrated and certified to meet ISO standards, and thanks to the devices accuracy, will provide the same results.

PCE-WM1 humidity detector, external combined sensor (for ambient temperature and relative humidity), external sensor for surface temperature, battery, carrying case and user's manual

Optional accessories

ISO laboratory calibration certificate
For companies that wish to incorporate the device into their array of internal quality control tools or for annual recalibrations (if not using the calibration kit). The ISO certificate includes a calibration and a document containing all the readings taken.

Replacement combined sensor
The combined sensor comes with the device (it measures ambient temperature and relative humidity) and can be recalibrated numerous times. After some years of use, however, it can be replaced with a substitute sensor.

Replacement surface temperature sensor
If the surface temperature sensor that comes with the the humidity detector eventually fails, a replacement can be ordered when required.