Wood and Air Moisture Analyzer RH-2

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Moisture Analyser for climate and environment determination / recording temperature, dewpoint, relative and absolute air humidity, water activity, ambient air / data logger / optional sensor 
The moisture analyser RH-2 masters to measure various parameters: relative and absolute air humidity, temperature, dewpoint as well as water activity in woods. The equilibrium moisture content of the thermal dewpoint calculator indicates the relative ambient humidity, which the material has an equilibration with, and thus is unable to absorb or to emit any more humidity. The absolute humidity of the moistuer analyser detects the percentage of water content based on gross weight of the material. Always make sure to wait until the thermal dew point calculator is acclimated to storage condition in order to prevent serious measuring errors. The long measuring probe of the thermal dewpoint calculator RH-2 enables a vast area of application. By means of the mobile thermal printer of the thermal dewpoint calculator within seconds the data can be printed on-site and the ambient conditions or the moisture of the material can be recorded. The accordant probe is optionally purchasable! 

- quick adaption performance
- longterm stable sensors
- data storage
- multilingual menu navigation
- simple data storing
- innovative sensor technology
- hold- function
- temperature value switchable
- with plastic carrying case and batteries
- large storage

Technical Specifications
Measuring range
Precision humidity-temperature-sensor:
- temperature-20 ... +120 °C
- relative air humidity0 ... 100 % r.H.
Humidity temperature sensor with 2 cables
- temperature -20 ... +85 °C
- relative air humidity0 ... 100 % r.H.
Irrespective of sensor
- dewpoint-55 ... +60 °C
- absolute air humidity0 ... 130 g/m³
- water activity in woods2 ... 30 %
Precision humidity- temperature-sensor
- temperature0.1 °C
- relative air humidity0.1 %
Humidity temperature sensor with 2 cables
- temperature0.1 °C
- relative air humidity0.1 %
Irrespective of sensor
- dewpoint0.1 °C
- absolute air humidity0.1g/m³
- water activity in woods0.1 %
Precision humidity- temperature-sensor
- temperature± 0.5 °C (at 25 °C)
- relative air humidity±1.5 % (0 ... 90 % r.H. at 25 °C)
Humidity temperature sensor with 2 cables
- temperature±0.5 °C (at 25 °C)
- relative air humidity±2.5 % (0 ... 90 % r.H. at 25 °C)
Irrespective of sensor
- dewpoint---
- absolute air humidity---
- water activity in woods± 0.5 % (at 25 °C)
Sample mass300 g
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)yes
Data storageyes, 10000 values
Menu languageEnglish, german, french, italian, spanish, russian
Power input55 mA (with lights)
Display128 x 64 mm matrix display, with lights
Protection typeIP 40
Temperature range
- operation temperature (measuring tip)-10 °C ... +60 °C
- storing temperature (device)-20 °C ... +60 °C
Power Supply4 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries
(life time of approx. 1800 measurements)
Automatic Switch-offyes, after approx. 4 minutes
Device145 x 63 x 24 mm
Precision humidity- temperature-sensor100 x 12 mm
Humidity temperature sensor with 2 cables300 x 12 mm
Weight400 g

Delivery content (sensors not included)
1 x moisture analyser (sensor optional)
1 x plastic case
4 x batteries
1 x instruction manual