Moisture Analyser PCE-WIO 1

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Oil Testerto determine the absolute moisture content of silicone-, bio-, ester- and mineral oil / moisture content in cc / calibration of send in oil (2 liters)
The Oil Tester PCE-WIO 1 is suitable for measuring the absolute moisture content in mineral and ester oils online. The continuous monitoring of the absolute moisture content via the Oil Tester PCE-WIO 1 has several advantages over the random sampling of determination of water content via chemical processes. For instance, the fast recognition of water ingress caused by leakage. Thus a considerable increase of security and an avoidance of consequential damage by water in the installations will be reached. This means that repair costs and system downtimes will be reduced considerably. Oil-drying systems can be moisture-dependent controlled with the Oil Tester PCE-WIO 1. Thus energy and analysis costs are decreasing towards systems with online measuring. The continuous measuring of water content in hydraulic systems is an effective quality measure. The risk to not recognise an increase of water content between random sampling will be eliminated. Firstly the oil sent in by the customer for calibration (2 liters) will be examined regarding its water content. Afterwards the oil will undergo a drying process. Through successively adding a defined water amount again in a closed oil circuit, a calibration curve can be determined. For determination of dependence of measuring values of temperature the calibration of various oil temperatures will be executed.

- Operating pressure up to 30 MPa
- Temperature compensation
- Sensor IP65
- Quick response times
- Cost-effective
- Sintered-metal protection factors
- Easy installation
- 2-button operation
- Calibration with certified test medium
- Switch output
- RS232 interface
- Compatibility with the standard media
- No extra power supply necessary for 
Technical Specification Oil Tester
Measurement range water content 
10 … 10,000 ppm in oil
Measurement range temperature 
-20 … 60 °C
Measuring accuracy 
depends on calibration data, mistakes < 10% of measured value
Operating pressure
vacuum up to 30 MPa
Operating temperature
-20 … 60 °C
Compatibility with media
different with aggressive substances has to be cleared up
Power supply 
18 … 28 V DC approx. 30 … 70 mA
RS 232 data I/O for computer interface connection current output 4-20 mA switch output (optional) 24 V DC, max 100 mA
circular channel, 7 contacts, type Binder 723
Protection class
IP 65
Rehearse connection thread
5/8 – 18 UNF, SW 22
Installation depth
50 mm
Casing height
115 mm
Casing diameter 
60 mm
Total length 
176 mm

Technical Specification Display
Displaytwo line LCD display with 16 symbols each
Sensor connectionfor humidity sensor
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Softwarecapable to update via USB interface
Storage capacity12,000 measuring values
Operating temperature-20 … 40 °C
Power supply4 x NiMh-accumulator AA
Casing die-cast aluminium
Dimensions100 mm x 200 mm x 24.4 mm
Protection class casingIP 66
Protection class plug connectorsIP 67
Installationhandheld device for operation in any position
The sensor of the Oil Tester should be used in a place where moisture content of oil is most significant. For instance, if a cooler-breakdown as a source is to be feared, a measurement point right behind cooler discharge in the pipeline should be chosen. If the quality of oil brought into the system should be monitored, a place in the suction tube of the pump is to be chosen. The installation takes place via tapped hole that is arranged in the way that the sensor element is constantly passed by the monitored oil.
The sensor head of the Oil Tester PCE-WIO 1 consists of stainless steel with 5 /8-18 UNF screw-in thread. The probe element for temperature and moisture is placed at the sensor head. The sensor has to be brought in the oil flow for measuring. The elements are protected by a sleeve against strong flow. The sensor is dimensioned for medium pressures up to 300 MPa. The electric connection takes place via a 7-polar round plug connector of the type of binder-723.

Delivery Content
1x Oil Tester PCE-WIO 1, 1x moisture sensor, 1x carrying strap with cable holder, 1x sensor cable (2m), 4x NiMh accumulator AA, 1x battery charger for AA cells, 1x USB cable (1.5), 1 x CD with software and documentation, 1 x user’s manual