Compact Balance PCE-ESM 3/6

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Compact Balance PCE-ESM 3/6 (Verified Balanza dosificadora verificable / verificada.class III)
  Compact Scale up to 6 kg, verified, resolutión from 1/2 g,double range scale, robust construction in ABS, display integrated for the client, stainless steel pan, big screen, backlight, power supply by accumulator or network component, accumulator life of aprox. 90 hours, verification included
The Compact Balance is reliable, easy to transport and handling with double weight range. The Compact Balance is ideal for pharmacies, retail, cafes, restaurants and anywhere else where you need a sing scale . The verified Compact Scale has a display on the back, allowing you to track. The Compact Balance display has digits of about 25 mm, allowing  easy weight reading, even from the distance. The housing of the dosing verified scale is shock resistant ABS plastic. The heavy pan has dimensions of 180 x 230 mm and it is made of stainless steel, which allows for easy cleaning. The  Compact Balance is sent verified according to class of M III. This verification is valid throughout Europe, allowing you to save for two years having to go to the office for verification. Despite the affordable price, the verified Compact Balance is a very useful instrument in trade that requires verification. If you have questions about the Compact Balance, see data sheet below or contact us. Our technicians and engineers will be happy to advise you on these Compact Balance.

- Verification included
- Backlight

- Display for the client
- LCD dispay with 25 mm digits 
- Accumulator life aprox. 90 h
- Case ABS  
- Tare function
- Double range weight

Technical Specifications
Maximum range of the Compact Balance
PCE-ESM 3/6 máx. 6 kg
PCE-ESM 3/6 1 / 2 g
General observations

verifiable according to M III (it is sent verified)

(The EC-verification is only valid for Germany,
 must be re-verified for UK use)

Tare range in all the weight range
Weight units kg 7 g
Response time <3 s
Display LCD with 25 mm digits, iluminated
Display for the client  20 mm digits in the rear part, iluminated
Pan stainless steel 190 x 230 mm
Calibration possible external calibration (only for not verified scales)
Power supplypower supply 12 V / 500 mA (included)
Accumulator life aprox. 90 h
Temperature of operation 0 ... +40 ºC
Dimensions 235 x 240 x 130 mm
Weight aprox. 3.5 kg
Note: Remove stainless pan before initial calibration or Error 4  will result

Delivery content
1 x PCE-ESM 3/6 Compact Balance
1 x power supply
1 x user manual