Crane Scale MCWNT1M-3
Crane Scale MCWNT1M-3

Crane Scales MCWNT1M-3

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EC-Type Approval M III
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MCWNT1M-3 Crane Scale
weighs up to 1500 kg / multiple functions / verifiable / high accuracy

The MCWNT1M-3 is a verifiable Crane Scale, available in three versions, weighing up to a maximum of 1500 kg. With compact dimensions, the Crane Scale is useful for many applications. The MCWNT1M-3 is powered by 4 conventional AA batteries. The Crane Scale's batteries are in a kind of drawer on the instrument, allowing for a quick and comfortable replacemement after an operating time of approximately 40 hours. The Crane Scale comes with multiple functions, such as tare, peak value (peak hold), addition, control of weighing, weighing percentage, net and gross weight indicator, and piece counting functions. The values are displayed on an LCD display 25 mm in height, allowing you to read measurements from a farther distance. You can handle the Crane Scale with a remote control, which is included in the shipment, up to a maximum distance of 8 m. The Crane Scale is sent with 2 shackles, a remote control, and a carrying case. The robust design allows you to use the Crane Scale in heavy industry, but also in commerce, food, and transportation industries without fear of damaging the instrument. The Crane Scale is sent verified, saving on any additional costs for verification. If you do not need any verification, you can optionally get a MCWNT1M-3 that is not verified. If you have any questions about the Crane Scale please read the technical data or contact us by phone. Our technicians and engineers will be glad to advise you on the MCWNT1M-3 or any other PCE Instruments of regulation and control, meters, or scales.

  • Verifiable according to calss M III verification
  • Accuracy of ±0.03 % of the mass
  • LCD display with 25 mm hight digits
  • HOLD function
  • Counting pieces function
  • Weights addition function
  • Controlled weight function
  • Determination of the maximum weight
  • Gross and net weight indicator
  • 40 hours operating time
  • Remote control up to 8 m
  • 2 shackles
  • Carrying case
  • Percentage weighing

Crane Scale PCE-MCWNT1

Technical Specifications

Maximum weight

1500 kg / 3306 lbs

Resolution / verification value

0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs


Verifiable according to class M III verification(verified)


±0.03 % of weighing range

Tare range

in all weighing range

Response time

< 10 s


6 digits, LCD, 25 mm / 0.1 in height digits

Weighing units

kg / %

Operating temperature

-10º C ... +40º C / 14º F ... 104º F
max. 85% H.r.

Power supply

4 x AA batteries, operating time of aprox. 40 hours (battery charger not included in the delivery)

Auto switch off

selectable from 1 to 255 minutes, it can be deactivated

Remote control

4 keys, maximum distance: 8 m / 26 ft


IP 40


aprox. 12 kg / 26.5 lbs

Dimensions of the Crane Scale (see sketch)










193 / 7.6

175 / 6.9

49 / 1.9

24 / 0.9

44 / 1.7

133 / 5.2

104 / 4.1

330 / 13.0

153 / 6.0

Dimensions of the shackles (see sketch)










2 t

13 / 0.5

21 / 0.8

16 / 0.6

84 / 3.3

48 / 1.9

17.5 / 0.7


0.36 / 0.8

Delivery contents
1 x verified MCWNT1M-3 Crane Scale (verification included)
4 x AA batteries
1 x remote control
2 x shackles
1 x carrying case
1 x user instructions