WTR 320 Temperature Sensor Pt100

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WTR 320
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threadless locking / stainless steel head / neck of 3 mm in diameter / Pt100 sensor fixed in protective armour  / measurement range up to max. 200 º C
Pt100 WTR 320 probe  has a fixed Pt100 probe. The protective Pt100 WTR 320  probe  case  is injected into the head according to DIN 43763. The Pt100 WTR 320  probe  can connect to a compatible device directly through a screw terminal or indirectly via a KMU 100 transducer. The probe tip has a diameter of only 6 x 1 mm and can be equipped with a taper to 3 or 4 mm. By the connecting thread of 1 / 2 ", it can hold the Pt100 sensor to pipes or containers. Thanks to its robust stainless steel housing, you will have no problem using this probe in adverse environmental conditions. The range of temperature measurement of the Pt100 WTR 320 probe is from -50 to +200 ° C.

- Locking thread injected in the protective
- Pt100 directly integrated in the protective
- Class A
- Narrowing of the measuring tip to 3 or 4 mm possible
- Stainless steel
- Possibility of connection to the KMU 100

Technical specifications

Protective housing: satinless steel 1.4571

Head: stainless steel

6 x 1 mm
optional: neck reduction to 3 mm or 4mm
Length in mmSelectable below!
Measurement range-50 ... +200 ºC
Accuracy classClass A

Delivery content
1 x  Pt100 WTR 320 probe, user´s manual