Multifunction Wind Speed Meter PCE-HVAC 2

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Pitot tube
Up to 80 m/s
Yes (integrated)
Yes (USB)
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PCE-HVAC Multifunction wind speed meter
Measures air velocities up to 80 m/s (178.66 mph) / Zero, minimum, maximum, average, record and hold functions / Stores to memory up to 99 measurement values per parameter

PCE-HVAC 2 is a mulfifunction wind speed meter used to determine air velocity, air pressure, airflow, differential pressure and ambient temperature. The mulfifunction wind speed meter allows access through tiny openings to take measurements in small pipe systems and other confined spaces.

Stored measurement values ​​can be recalled on the device itself or on a computer. Data transfer to a computer is completed quickly and easily using a USB port. Real-time measurement values also can be displayed on a computer using a USB connection and the downloadable PC-compatible software (see downloads tab for details). In addition to an ergonomic design, the mulfifunction wind speed meter boasts a backlit display that allows for use in low-light conditions. The PCE-HVAC 2 high-velocity mulfifunction wind speed meter has a thread on the bottom, so the device can be mounted on a tripod. The measuring hoses are inserted at the top of the device to connect the Pitot tube.

The PCE-HVAC 2 mulfifunction wind speed meter is a heavy-duty measuring device designed for use in harsh conditions, including high airflow velocity and high temperature applications. The PCE-HVAC 2 mulfifunction wind speed meter's robust design and use of the principles of static and dynamic pressure make the device ideal for use in testing, adjusting and balancing HVAC systems, providing easy access through narrow ducts and pipes. The device also is used in the testing and inspection of aircraft, race cars and industrial machines.

During the measurement process, the Pitot tube is inserted into the middle of the airflow, with the opening of the tip facing the flow of the air. This allows the measuring device to capture even the smallest fluctuations in airflow velocity. The anemometer connected to the Pitot tube recalculates the obtained velocity pressure values into flow velocity. It is especially recommended for high and mid-range velocities. Two weak points of Pitot tube anemometers are: they do not perform their function properly at very slow flow velocity and are extremely sensitive to turbulence. Nevertheless, installed correctly (avoiding any sources of turbulence), they are capable of measuring, for example, inside the ducts and providing good results. If it happens that the duct is not straight, or a pipe consists of a few sections, the correct insertion of the Pitot tube is required, since at different points of the pipe (in the middle, near the walls and at the intersection of the pipes), the average velocity changes, and the device must be preferably located at that part, the flow in which is the closest to the average velocity value. The measurement units in the Pitot tube anemometer, calibrated for air flow measurements, should be corresponding to flow velocity.

- Measures air speed, air pressure, airflow
- Displays ambient temperature
- Zero adjustment function
- MIN, MAX, AVR, REC and HOLD functions
- Backlit LCD
- Dual display on the LCD
- Suitable for high flow rates
- Internal memory for 99 measurement values per parameter
- USB cable included
- Downloadable PC-compatible software
- Real-time measurement
- Pitot tube measurement
- Differential pressure and standard measurement
- 2 connecting hoses (each 85 cm / 33.46 in)
- Adjustable measuring units (adjustable)
- ISO calibration available - see accessories for details

Air pressure
Accuracy ± 0.3% of reading at 25°C / 77°F
Repeatability ± 0.2% (± 0.5% of reading)
Linearity / hysteresis ± 0.29% of reading
Pressure range 5000 Pa
Maximum pressure 10 psi
Response time Typically 0.5 seconds
Measuring range 0.7252 psi
50.00 mbar
20.07 inH2O
509.8 mmH2O
5000 Pa
Resolution 0.0001 psi
0.01 mbar
0.01 inH2O
0.1 mmH2O
1 Pa
Selectable units Mbar, psi, inH2O, mmH2O, or Pa
Air speed
Measuring range 1 ... 80 m / s
200 ... 15733 ft / min
3.6 ... 288 km / h
2.24 ... 178.66 MPH
2 ... 154.6 knots
Resolution 0.01 m / s
1 ft / min
0.1 km / h
0.01 MPH
0.1 knots
Accuracy At m / s: ± 2.5% of measured value
At ft / min, Km / h, MPH and Node: Depending on the air speed and the size of the air duct
Flow rate
Measuring range 0 ... 99999 m³ / min
0 ... 99999 ft³ / min
Resolution 0.001 ... 100 m³ / min
0.0001 ... 100 ft³ / min
Measuring range 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy ± 1°C / ± 1.8°F
Diameter of pitot tube 8 mm / 0.3 in
Length of measuring hoses Each 85 cm / 33.46 in
Total length of the tube 335 mm / 13.18 in
Low battery indicator Yes
Power supply 9V block battery
Operating conditions 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F / <90% RH non-condensing
Storage conditions -10 ... 60°C / 14 ... 140°F / <90% RH non-condensing
Internal memory 99 measured values ​​per parameter
Interface USB
Display LCD
Housing material ABS plastic
Dimensions Device: 206 x 95 x 45 mm /  8.11 x 3.7 x 1.7 in
Pitot tube: 335 mm / 13.18 in - Ø 8 mm / 0.31 in
Weight (incl. pitot tube, battery and measuring hoses) 600 g / 1.3 lbs

1 x Multifunction Wind Speed Meter PCE-HVAC 2
1 x Pitot tube (angled)
1 x USB cable
1 x Carrying case
1 x Software
2 x Connecting hose (85 cm each)
1 x 9 V block battery
1 x Instruction manual