Wind Speed Alarm / Wind Alarm Controller KWS 1

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Cup vane
Up to 40 m/s
Yes (Hz output)
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Wind Alarm Controller with pulse output / Combined wind transmitter / with wind direction sensor / suitable for PCE-WL1 and PCE-WL2

Wind Alarm Controller, for example, for PCE-WL wind logger. Simple cup wind alarm controller with pulse output and wind direction sensor. The wind alarm controller is suitable for measuring the wind speed and the wind direction of the horizontal air flow. 
Anemometer KWS1 with PCE-WL 2 application.
The cup star speed is scanned without contact, the device works wear-free, and has a particularly smooth start-up. The wind vane position is detected by resistance. The digital measuring signals from the wind alarm controller can be evaluated directly. In addition to the wind measurement, the combined wind alarm controller can also measure the air temperature using NTC 10K.


The combined wind transmitter is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. This makes the combined wind alarm controller a reliable sensor for wind direction and wind speed. The combined wind transmitter is supplied with a 15 m connection cable and is IP 54 protected. The mounting takes place on a mast with a maximum diameter of up to 30 mm.

- Basic wind transmitter
- 3 m connection cable
- Easy assembly
- Compatible with PCE-WL 1 and PCE-WL 2

Technical Specification
Output wind speed 0 ... 100 Hz
Measuring range wind speed  0.9 ... 40 m/s
Accuracy wind speed ± 0.5 m/s or 5 % v. M
Load wind speed max. 60 m/s short-term
Contact load 10 VA, max. 42 V DC, max. 0.4 A
Measuring range wind direction 5 ... 355 °
Sensor Wind direction 0 ... 1 kOhm
Assembly Pipe mounting 31 mm
Environmental temperature -25 ... +60 °C (with ice-free)
Cable 3 m; LiYY 4 x 0.5 mm²
Protection class IP54
Dimensions 418 x 30mm
Weight ca. 1000g

1 x Wind Alarm Controller KWS1
1 x Data Sheet