Flow Cup Viscometer PCE-127 Series

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Flow cup
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PCE-127 Series Flow Cup Viscometer
4 mm diameter orifice / Standardized according to DIN 53211 / Select either flow cup or immersion cup configuration

The PCE-127 DIN flow cup viscometer or DIN immersion viscosity flow cup series uses gravity to measure the flow rate of a liquid. Under ideal conditions, flow rate is proportional to kinematic viscosity. Thus, a DIN flow cup is used to determine the kinematic viscosity of fluids. The structure of a DIN flow cup is standardized according to DIN 53211.

Basic operation
Cover the holes at the bottom of the orifice and pour in the liquid to be measured. Make sure that the viscosity flow cup is completely filled. Use the glass plate to scrape off any excess liquid from the edge of the flow cup. Uncover the holes at the bottom of the orifice. Negative pressure will keep the liquid in the cup until you're ready to begin measuring. Active a stopwatch (not included) while simultaneously removing the glass plate from the cup horizontally. As soon as the flow is interrupted for the first time, stop the watch and write down the time.

Note: When using a viscosity flow cup, it is very important to make sure that the instrument is cleaned thoroughly after each measurement, as residue in the orifice and cup can jeopardize the accuracy of future measurements. Scratches also can cause inaccurate results.

The PCE-127 series is available in two configurations: flow cup or immersion cup. The immersion cup features a handle intended for dipping into paint cans and other containers. Please select your preference prior to purchasing.

Test stand (for use with PCE-127/4 flow cup configuration only) sold separately. See accessories for details.

Designed for use with Newtonian and near-Newtonian liquids, this viscosity cup series features:

- Orifice diameter (Ø) of 4 mm
- Viscosity range of 96.2 ... 680 mPa.s / cP
- Flow time of 25 ... 150 seconds
- Capacity of 100 ml
- Anodized aluminium cup with stainless steel orifice
- Overflow gutter for preventing faulty measurements
- Factory / manufacturer calibration certificate
Capacity100 ml
Diameter of orifice4 mm ( ± 0.02 mm)
StandardDIN 53211
Flow time25 ... 150
Dynamic viscosity (mPA.s / cP)96.2 ... 680
MaterialCup: Anodized aluminium
Orifice: Stainless steel
Dimensions for 127/4 (flow cup)Ø interior: 50 mm
Ø exterior: 85 mm
Height: 70 mm
Dimensions for 127/4P (immersion cup)Ø interior: 50 mm
Ø exterior: 65 mm
Height: 78 mm
Handle length: 170 mm / Approx. 6.7"
WeightApprox. 215 g / 0.5 lb

1 x DIN flow cup viscometer (either flow cup or immersion cup, depending on selected configuration)
1 x glass plate
1 x factory / manufacturer calibration certificate
1 x user manual