Viscometer / Viscosity Meter

Order no.: VM-250.1

VM-250.1 is a portable, ATEX-approved viscometer used primarily in the petroleum / petrochemical, food and beverage, transportation and marine industries for in-tank, dynamic viscosity measurements up to 6 m / 19.7 ft deep. Featuring automatic temperature compensation and requiring no sample preparation whatsoever, this handheld viscometer allows for direct, dynamic viscosity measurement using the included probe and displays results in millipascal-second (mPa.s).

- Allows for direct, dynamic viscosity measurement
- Viscosity range: 1 ... 2,000 mPa.s / cP
- Accuracy: ±1 % reading (RD)


Manufacturer: LEMIS Baltic
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: 220300

This process viscometer (also know as an in-line viscometer, on-line viscometer or in-process viscometer) is a rotating viscometer for use on the production line. The RM 100 L Touch viscometer is ideal for measuring the viscosity of chemical and petroleum products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, food products, building materials, paint, ink and coatings. PT 100 temp sensor input, 7-inch touchscreen and RS 232 and USB ports. Control box can be up to 15 m/ 49 ft from the measuring head.

- Rotational speed: Unlimited number of speeds between 5 ... 600 rpm
- Viscosity range: 1 ... 500,000 mPa.s / cP
- Accuracy: ±1 % full scale (FS)
- Analog output signal 4 ... 20 mA
- 7" touchscreen


Manufacturer: LAMYRHEOLOGY
Test Instruments manufacturer