Bostwick Consistometer / Viscometer ZXCON

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ZXCON is a consistometer / viscometer used to measure flow rate, viscosity or consistency by Bostwick method. Designed for conducting quick and accurate Bostwick tests of liquids and pastes for compliance with MIL-R-81294D and ASTM F1080-93, this consistometer features a durable, stainless steel construction.

Easy to clean and operate, this consistometer is ideal for use with food products such as soups, sauces, preserves and dressings, as well as for use in measuring the flow properties of various cosmetics, paints and chemicals.

Basic operation
- Place the instrument on a flat surface
- Level the instrument accordingly
- Close the spring-loaded gate
- Pour in 75 ml of the sample liquid or paste
- Open the gate
- Wait 30 seconds
- Read the result (the thicker the sample, the lower the Bostwick reading)
- Scale length of 240 mm
- 75 ml sample size acceptance
- Built-in level and leveling feet
- Engraved 0.5 cm graduations
- Spring-loaded gate that prevents premature flow

Technical specifications
Length 355 mm / 13.9 in
Width 88 mm / 3.4 in
Height 104 mm / 4 in
Scale length 240 mm / 9.4 in

Delivery contents

1 x ZXCON Bostwick consistometer / viscometer
1 x User manual