Videoscope PCE-VE 800

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PCE-VE 800
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2.8 mm
1.5 m
200000 pixels
Image, Video
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PCE-VE 800 Videoscope
Adjustable LED illumination / SDHC card memory / 4-way articulation / Small 2.8 mm (0.11 in) cable diameter / 1.5 m (4.9 ft) cable length

PCE-VE 800 is a handheld articulating videoscope with video recording and image capture functionality. Equipped with adjustable built-in LED lighting on the waterproof camera tip, the PCE-VE 800 videoscope features a high interpolated resolution of 200000 pixels and a large integrated 4.3" LCD for easy viewing and navigation. The videoscope can be powered by either rechargeable battery or AC power. Recorded images and videos are saved to an SDHC memory card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. The flexible cable of the videoscope has a small diameter of just 2.8 mm / 0.11 in for insertion into tiny cavities. An IP67 ingress protection rating protects the videoscope cable against dust and water, allowing for use in adverse conditions.

The videoscope has two control levers with the help of which the camera head can be set very easily and precisely in four directions (4-way videoscope). Above the control lever there is a convenient-to-reach push button (one-handed operation), which serves as a trigger for image recording. Furthermore, this four-way videoscope has a multi-adjustable LED illumination, so that different brightness levels can be set. This is particularly important because usually there is little or no illumination at all inside the room to be examined.

Do you need 4-way optics or generally a 2- or 4-fold bending of the optics? Very small diameters, as offered in this videoscope (2.8 mm / 0.11 in), are usually needed to carry out a visual inspection in very small supply lines or cavities. You cannot use a 4-way function then, because there is no space available.

Image of inspection camera PCE-VE 800

Often, however, one must first push the optics through a thin or narrow path / way to reach the place or space that you want to examine. This space is then inside (for example, a machine or a component) and thus, again provides more space to use the 4-way optics. In industrial applications it is often the case that the access points are small and the part of the system, that should actually be inspected, offers more room for visual check by means of a multi-way videoscope. Should this be not the case and you continuously have only very small diameters and small interiors of a few millimeters at your disposal, then for the visual inspection it is recommended to use an videoscope with a front and a side camera or the hose should have such a camera arrangement as PCE-VE.

If you want to inspect cracks in components, welds, or surface abrasions, then a 4-way videoscope is the first-choice inspection instrument. Therefore maintenance technicians rely on the PCE-VE 800 - they are sure that they are not going to miss anything. All abnormalities can be documented in high-resolution (which is also very important during the visual inspection, according to the customer order).

Operation or control of the multiple adjustment of the optics: PCE still uses mechanical manual adjustment possibilities. Some manufacturers choose to adjust the optics by servo-motor with the help of a joystick. The adjustment by hand gives a "better feeling" in the process of fine adjustment and in focusing on the place / spot to be assessed as well as more sensitivity when the mechanical features come to the "stop" on the 4-way optics

***Not for medical use***

- Flexible cable with 4-way articulating tip
- Adjustable LED illumination
- Impressive 80° field of view
- 1.5 m / 4.9 ft cable length
- 2.8 mm / 0.11 in cable diameter
- Image capture and video recording functionality
- 5 ... 50 mm / 0.2 ... 2.0 in focal distance
- Powered by rechargeable battery or AC power
- High image resolution of 200000 pixels
- IP67 ingress protection rating on cable
Cable length 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
Type of cable Flexible, tungsten
Cable diameter 2.8 mm / 0.11 in
Camera head length 9.8 mm / 0.4 in
Camera head / lens materials Steel alloy / glass
Illumination LED, adjustable
Image resolution 200000 pixels (interpolated)
Ingress protection rating IP67
Focal distance 5 ... 50 mm / 0.2 ... 2.0 in
Field of view 80°
Line of sight
Image sensor 1/18" color
Display size 4.3" / 16:9
Refresh rate 30 Hz
Memory SDHC card (max. 32 GB)
Operating conditions -20 ... 70°C / -4 ... 158°F
15 ... 90% RH
Power supply Li-Ion battery: 3000-mAh
AC power adapter / battery charger: 5V
Video output TV output PAL / NTSC
Interface Micro USB

1 x PCE-VE 800 videoscope
1 x Cleaning kit
1 x SDHC memory card
1 x SDHC memory card reader
1 x AC power adapter / battery charger
1 x Carrying case
1 x User manual