Surface Testing - Colorimeter PCE-TCR 200

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Precise measurement of color according to CIE standards / measures differences of colors and shows ΔE / for several surfaces / memory / USB interfaces / PC software for color evaluation

The PCE-TCR 200 color device carries out an analysis of the color using CIE L*a*b color space. This color device also allows you to determine the colors in the RGB color range. By means of a source of internal normalized white light the surface is illuminated. The color device absorbs the light reflected from the background and processes it. In addition of indicating the Lab colors, this color device also shows RGB, Lch and HCL colour ranges.


The PCE-TCR 200 color device can also detect the distance ΔE between different color pattern. This color device allows you to set a limited value which should not be exceeded. The PCE-TCR 200 color device checks each measurement to see if it has exceeded the threshold value. Measurement of color is taken by means of a high precision silicon sensor. The sensor detects the light reflected according to the regulations of light source D65, D50 or F11, which can be selected using the menu. The internal memory of the color device is able to store 30 color values into 12 groups. That allows a fast control of the color values. This color device is powered by 4 AA batteries.


It can also be powered by an external power plug. The measurement values can be transferred from the color device to a PC, using a USB port. The PCE-TCR 200 color device will be delivered in a resistant aluminium case. The following is also included in the delivery: Black and white test standards, a network component, a USB cable for data transmission and a case to ensure safe transportation of the color device PCE-TR 200. If there are any questions about the color device PCE-TCR 200  have a look at the technical specification below. Our technicians and engineers will gladly advise you in all color devices and all products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales.

- Measurement of Lab color values
- Specular Component Included (SCI)
- Conversion into LCH, RGB...
- High repeatability
- Selection of three light sources
- Balancing of white and black objects
- USB input
- Software for evaluation of the measured values
- Memory of values
- Sleep function to reduce power consumption
- Aluminium transportation case



Illumination System

8/d, SCI

Light source

standard white light

Detection angle

10º according to CIE standard

Detection conditions

D65, D50, F11

Balancing of measured values

standard white according to CIE, standard black according to CIE


12 groups with 30 values each


L*a*b*, L*c*h*, E*ab, RGB
chromatic aberration of L*a*b* and L*c*h*


8 mm

Voltage Supply

4 x AA 1.5 V, external 5 V power plug

OS Comaptibility

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


60 x 110 x 40 mm / 2.3 x 4.3 x 1.5 in

Regulations to evaluate color measurements with the Color Device PCE-TCR 200

Range of color differences


0 ... 0.25 ΔE

small deviation, deviation acceptable

0.25 ... 0.5 ΔE

less chromatic aberration, acceptable in a few applications 

0.5 ... 1.0 ΔE

less or average chromatic aberration, acceptable in a few applications

1.0 ... 2.0 ΔE

average deviation of colours, acceptable in a few applications

2.0 ... 4.0 ΔE

high colour deviation, only acceptable in special applications

> 4.0 ΔE

really high colour deviation, not acceptable 

1 x Color device PCE-TCR 200
1 x Standard white object
1 x Standard black object
4 x 1.5 AA batteries
1 x 5 V power plug
1 x USB cable
1 x Software
1 x Manual description