Sound Level Meter / Acoustic Camera PCE-MSV 10

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Sound Level Meter PCE-MSV 10

Acoustic Camera

In loud environments, it is often difficult to pinpoint the source of a sound. The easy-to-operate PCE-MSV 10 Acoustic camera visualizes sound in real time, creating a visual road map to a sound’s source. Acoustic camera - Acoustic Camera - Application - PCE-MSV 10 - IndustryAlso referred to as a noise meter, sound pressure meter, portable sound camera or sound level camera, the PCE-MSV 10 Acoustic camera can be used in various stages of machine and equipment design, manufacture and operation, from engineering research and development (R&D) to preventative maintenance and beyond. It often happens that we hear noise, but cannot detect where it comes from by using a standard Acoustic camera and what message this noise is delivering to us. An acoustic camera provides a human ear with a necessary assistance and helps to find out where exactly the noise comes from. The acoustic camera is not afraid of possible obstacles that may be present on the way from the noise source to the camera itself. The advantageous feature of the acoustic camera is that it is portable and can be applied anywhere. Due to the microphone part, the noise maps are created very quickly, in real time. During the measurement a quick wide frequency range may be covered. Since the modern equipment is designed in such a way that there is direct connection to the PC, the operator has a chance to see the results of the measurements on the screen of the computer at once. Since there is chance not only to view and process the information about noise situation in some particular area or location later, but in real time, it is possible to adjust the frequencies and other settings in the process. By applying the acoustic camera, the sound source can be detected very precisely, and with the help of auxiliary videos and pictures the problem can be completely eliminated after a detailed analysis.

General info

An acoustic camera is exactly the device which helps to carry out the measurements in real time, either one-time events or long-lasting process, which means that even though it may be used as a portable device, it is also suitable for stationary measurements. Acoustic camera - Acoustic Camera - Application - PCE-MSV 10With the help of the acoustic camera one gets not only the required measurement, but also video registration. It carries out the so-called mapping of all the objects, including the moving ones. The application range of the acoustic camera is mostly about detection of the sound source and sound intensity. Since the device is a camera, the noise picture comes together with the image or video, and it is possible to track various pressure causing noise “events”, of different intensity, even if very short-lasting. All the data received with the help of the acoustic camera may be stored and viewed later. The acoustic camera comes very handy when the sound source is located in the restricted-access area, which is impossible to get to.

Noise may indicate serious malfunctions and be a sign of approaching equipment failure. Unusual and strange sounds coming from the electronic or mechanical devices, untypical sounds in a car, room or environment should be left without attention. The acoustic camera helps to detect, measure and document all the deviations from the norm and thus, reveal the hidden source of the problem (it may be a crack, breakage in the HVAC system, leakage, II choice goods, not airtight elements, just loose objects, etc).

The acoustic camera is a reliable support in searching and eliminating of various defects, production faults and problems, and thus, in providing the best quality of equipment, products and other spheres where noise may occur.

Lightweight and compact, the PCE-MSV 10 portable sound level meter features:

- Measurement range of 30 … 130 dBA

- Frequency range of 160 … 6000 Hz

- Real-time image and video recording*

- 1 GB RAM

- Automatic setup

- 10” full-color tablet-style screen

- Software for visual sound analysis

- Sound measuring microphone

- Protective carrying case

*Recorded images and videos can be transferred via a WLAN from the PCE-MSV 10 sound level meter to a computer for further analysis.

When using the included sound measuring microphone, the PCE-MSV 10 also can be used as a general sound level meter without visualization.


Measurement range30 … 130 dBA
Frequency range160 … 6000 Hz
Measurement modesIndication of loudest source of noise
Indication of transients
Focal rangeAutomatic: 0.2 … 5 m / 0.7 … 16.4 ft
Manual: 0.2 … 50 m / 0.7 … 164 ft
Display size254 mm / 10 in
Memory1 GB RAM
Battery lifeContinuous operation: 4 hours
Intermittent operation: 15 hours
Dimensions300 x 250 x 40 mm / 11.8 x 9.8 x 1.6 in
WeightApprox. 980 g / 2.2 lbs

1 x PCE-MSV 10 sound level meter

1 x sound measuring microphone
1 x protective carrying case
1 x software for visual sound analysis
1 x user manual