Handheld Digital Refractometer PCE-DRP 1 Coffee

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Brix, coffee P1, nD, °C
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PCE-DRP 1 Coffee Handheld Digital Refractometer

Waterproof IP65-rated Brix / coffee p1 / refractive index (nD) refractometer with easy-to-read LCD

PCE-DRP 1 is a handheld digital refractometer used to determine the sugar content / coffee p1 / refractive index of coffee and similar liquids in the 0 ... 50 % Brix / 0 ... 25 coffee p1 / 1.3330 ... 1.4200 nD measuring range. This waterproof IP65-rated digital refractometer features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) from +10 ... +40 °C / +50 ... +104 °F, as well as a large, easy-to-read LCD that shows both the measured value and the temperature.

Fields of application

Millions of people do not imagine the start of their day without a cup of a good coffee. The word “good” is of crucial importance. This “treat” named coffee is known all over the world and the variety of its kinds is overwhelming. Coffee-shops, stores, restaurants, even coffee-to-go sellers are all interested in providing the customers with the best possible product. Handheld digital refractometer for coffee.Coffee refractometer has been created to help in the creation of an impeccable drink. By using this device, it is possible to determine caffeine amount, as well as amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in a particular drink, sugars etc. in other words, coffee refractometer provides a really scientific approach with involvement of “smart” equipment to such a simple routine thing as making a cup of coffee. The values received from the coffee refractometer can be used by the producer immediately; they give an indication of whether the used recipe is correct or imperfect and whether the proportions of the ingredients, coffee beans, water (sugar) should be changed. Baristas and professional brewers apply coffee refractometer as an auxiliary tool, for calculating the extraction yield. For sure, the drink may also be changed and adjusted to the personal taste, but technological measurement with the help of the precise equipment provides reliable measurements which indicate to what extent the official general standards are met, which is the pledge of the good-quality product.

- Measurement parameters: Brix, coffee p1, refractive index, temperature
- Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) from +10 ... +40 °C / +50 ... +104 °F
- Handheld and portable
- User-friendly 3-button operation
- Fast and precise measuring results in approx. 1 sec.
- ABS plastic housing with IP65 ingress protection rating against water and dust
- Large, easy-to-read digital LCD shows both the measured value and the temperature
- Average function measures same sample 15 times and displays the mean value
- Stainless-steel ring on sample well protects glass prism from damage
- Internal light source for improved accuracy
- Small liquid sample size of just 4 to 5 drops
- Easy calibration with distilled water
- Battery-saving automatic power off after 1 min. of inactivity

Measuring range
0 ... 50% Brix (sucrose or sugar content)
0 ... 25 coffee p1
1.3330 ... 1.4200 nD (refractive index)
0 ... +40 °C / +32 ... +104 °F temperature

0.1 % Brix / 0.1 coffee p1 / 0.0001 nD / 0.1 °

±0.2 % Brix / ±0.2 coffee p1 / ±0.003 nD / ±0.5 °C

General specifications
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) range: +10 ... +40 °C / +50 ... +104 °F
Measurement speed: Approx. 1 sec.
Sample size: 4 to 5 drops of liquid
Sample well: Stainless steel ring over glass prism
Housing: ABS plastic, IP65 ingress protection rating against water and dust
Power supply: 1 x 1.5V AAA battery
Dimensions: Approx. 121 x 58 x 25 mm / 4.76 x 2.28 x 0.98"
Weight: Approx. 90 g / 0.2 lb (without battery)
1 x PCE-DRP 1 coffee handheld digital refractometer
1 x pipette
1 x prism cover
1 x 1.5V AAA battery
1 x user manual
1 x carrying case