Abbe Refractometer ABBE-REF 1

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Refractive index
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ABBE-REF 1 Abbe Refractometer

Measures refractive indexes (nD), sucrose or sugar contents (% Brix) and mean dispersion values (nF-nC)

ABBE-REF 1 is a high-precision Abbe refractometer for the accurate measurement of refractive indexes (nD), sucrose or sugar contents (% Brix) and mean dispersion values (nF-nC) of transparent and translucent liquids and substances. This bench-top Abbe refractometer can be used to determine refractive indexes in a temperature range from 0 ... +70 ºC. Temperature control of the prisms is achieved using water, the included thermostat and flexible piping.

This Abbe refractometer is ideal for use with food, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, solvents, petrochemicals, paints, coatings, lacquers, oil, gas and other lubricants. Self-calibration of the Abbe refractometer is possible using contact liquid or distilled water.

More Information

Abbe refractometer has got its popularity due to the wide range of its measuring abilities. This device measures refractive index in both, liquids and solids, and thus, may be applied for the measurements, connected with research and study in the laboratory. Abbe refractometer in laboratory.For the modern methods of analysis, Abbe refractometer is an indispensable device which provides the method which helps to determine the chemical and physical parameters of the substances, analyze the nature of the chemical compounds and determine the requested values, like refractive index or Brix. The device may be securely placed on the surface and is able to carry out numerous measurements continuously and with a high level of accuracy, not depending on one particular type of samples. The tests may be carried out on food and beverages samples, medicaments and chemical substances, petroleum etc. To obtain highly accurate result from this equipment, it is recommended to engage trained operator and correctly prepared samples. As against to its digital portable counterparts, it requires careful handling, but once the latter is provided, the benchtop Abbe refractometer will pay back by long service life and reliable results.

Abbe refractometer represents a perfect instrument for quality checks and research and is one of the must-be instruments in the modern laboratory.

- For refractive index, sugar content and mean dispersion value measurements
- Durable metal housing ensures instrument longevity
- Easy-to-read digital display of temperature units

Measurement ranges
Refractive index1.300 ... 1.700 nD
Sugar content0.0 ... 95 % Brix
Temperature0 ... +70 ºC
Resolution and accuracy
Refractive index0.0002 nD
Sugar content0.1 % Brix
Scale division
Refractive index0.0005 nD
Sugar content0.25 % Brix
IndicatorSplit scale for dual measurement of % Brix / nD
WeightApprox. 3 kg / 6.61 lbs

1 x Abbe refractometer ABBE-REF 1
1 x screwdriver
1 x thermometer
1 x user manual