Radioactivity Meter SM-3-D

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Equivalent Dose Meter SM-3-D
Mobile equivalent dose meter for measurement of gamma radiation as surrounding dose equivalent rate easy handling acoustic impulse signalization large measuring range compact enclosure

The portable equivalent dose meter SM-3-D is customized for determination of the surrounding dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation. The operation of the equivalent dose meter SM-3-D is very simple, which means that the user does not necessarily require any experience with radiation measurement technique. Due to its compact design the equivalent dose meter SM-3-D is very popular among installers and technicians. Average values of the current equivalent dose can be determined in one minute by means of a quick-test. The equivalent dose meter SM-3-D is equipped with an auditory impulse signalization, i.e. the decay rate can be claimed acoustically by the equivalent dose meter. The detection of gamma radiation by means of the equivalent dose meter SM-3-D is applied in various areas, e.g. environmental conservation, construction industry, measuring engineering, waste disposal, recycling etc. Thus the equivalent dose meter SM-3-D has multiple application options and helps installers and engineers measuring potentials of nuclear radiation

- Very large measuring range for dose rate 1.2     µSvh ... 999 µSvh
- Compact and clear
- Easy handling
- Display lighting
- Large energy range for photons 40 keV... 1.3 MeV
- Average determination for dose rate over 1 min
- Auditory impulse signalisation
- Measurement of gamma radiation

Technical Specification
Measuring indicators  Surrounding equivalent dose rate in µSvh dH(10)dt
Measuring range Local dose rate of gamma radiation 0.1 µSvh... 999 µSvh ( calibrated on Co-60), average determination of dose rate every 60 sec. (switch-off and connection possible)
Radiation detector Energy compensated, halogen using Geiger-Müller-counter
Energy ranges Photons 40 keV to 1.3 MeV
Weight 100 g / < lb (with battery)
Intrinsic error under reference conditions < 25% under reference-conditions at Co-60
Overload capacity 10- fold
Overload capacity 10- fold
Output LCD with connectable background lighting, acoustic impulse signalisation
Energy supply:
Batteries 2 x LR 6, each 1.5V
Battery lifetime Approx. 100 hrs. (in radiation-free state)
Operation conditions:
Temperature -20°C ... 50°C / -4°F ... 122°F
Relative humidity Max. 90 % (at 30°C / 86°F)
Weight 250 g / < lb
(L x A x H)
145 x 80 x 40 mm / 5.7 x 3.1 x 1.6 in

1 x Equivalent dose meter SM-3-D
1 x Transportation case
1 x Battery
1 x Calibration certificate
1 x Instruction manual