Radon Radioactivity Meter Corentium PLUS

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Corentium PLUS
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Radioactivity Meter for measuring content of Radon gas in buildings / including software / high accuracy / easy handling / long battery life time / different measuring modes

The Radon Monitor Corentium PLUS is made for measuring Radon gas content in buildings. Measuring data can be transferred to a computer by wireless interface, and can be analyzed and evaluated with the provided software. Afterwards the results can be visualised.

The Radon Monitor Corentium PLUS is a digital version of a tracking detector, with which the detection of Radon gas happens by diffusion into a measuring chamber. In this chamber the Radon decays, and radiation impinges on a silicon photodiode. By the impact of the particles a low current signal is generated and gets amplified. The amplitude is displayed as the measuring value.

The Radon Monitor Corentium PLUS can be used for long-term measurements of up to 80 weeks. The life time of the battery is three years under usual circumstances. After inserting the battery, the item is ready for immediate use. The measurement starts automatically after installation.

- easy handling
- very reliable
- long-term measurements of up to 80 weeks
- LCD display

- software included
- long battery lifetime
- for indoor measurements
- high accuracy


Technical Data

Sensitivity at 100 Bq/m³  
Average value 1 day 2 counts / h
Average value 7 days 0.3 counts / h
Average value long term measurement

0.3 counts / h

Average value 7 days < 20% after one week at 100 Bq/m³
Average value long term measurement < 10% after one month at 100 Bq/m³
Internal memory capacity  
For 80 days one measurement every two hours
For 80 weeks one measurement per day
General technical data  
Power consumption < 250 µW
Absolute accuracy ± 5%
Dimensions 120 x 69 x 22.5 mm
Weight 130 g
Method Alpha spectrometry
Constant diffusion time 80 min
Power supply 3 x AAA batteries
  3 years battery lifetime

Delivery content

1x Radioactivity Meter Corentium PLUS, 1x software, 1x manual