Radioactivity Meter RD1706

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Radiation Monitor Radex RD1706
Radiation monitor Radex RD1706 to detect gamma, x-ray and beta radiation / 
Fast measurements / Alarm function acoustic and haptic / Delta mode for background illumination LC-Display / Small construction

 The radiation monitor Radex RD1706 shows gamma, x-ray and beta radiation. The radiation monitor is able to measure in radiation areas in a house as well as on human beings. The device is measuring in a range of 0.05 up to 999 µS v/h. Thanks to the comfortable construction of the radiation monitor it especially qualifies for the mobile use and there will not occur any problems storing the measuring instrument. The fast measurement depends on a dose power value. However, a measurement will be done in just 1-26 seconds. The opposite to this will be the long battery life time, this leads automatically to less work. The radiation monitor is also equipped with just 3 buttons and is really easy to use. You will be able to adjust several limit values. When these values will be exceeded the alarm function will give you a signal (sound and vibration). Due to this function you will be informed in case of to much radioactivity and you will be told to leave the particular area in extreme conditions. Thus, you will be protected against contamination. Through the highly legible LC display the measured data will always be legible. The radiation monitor Radex RD1706 will get energy by two batteries of AAA type. The operation of the radiation monitor Radex RD1706 is also possible with only one battery of the type AAA, but this will reduce the battery lifetime significantly.

- Detection of gamma-, x-ray-and beta radiation
- Easy usage
- Small and light
- Fast measurement
- 1 or 2 batteries of 1.5V AAA
- Operating time 550 hours
- Radiation in µSv/h and µR/h
- Acoustical / haptic signal
- Adjustable alarm limit

Technical specification of the Geiger Counter Radex RD1706
Display range of dose power values 0.05 ... 999 µSv/h
Range of registered energy
Gamma radiation 0.1 ... 1.25 MeV
X-ray radiation 0.03 ... 3.0 MeV
Beta radiation 0.25 ... 3.5 MeV
Reproducible display
with a supposed feasibility
of 95 % / P a dose power in µSv/h
7 + 6/ P%
Limit value 0.1 ... 99.0 µSv/h
Calculation time 1 ... 26 seconds
Time of display continuous
Current Supply one or two AAA batteries 1.5V
Operating time 550 hrs.
Dimensions outside 105 x 60 x 26 mm / 4.1 x 2.4 x 1 in
Weight 90 g / < lb

1 x Radiation monitor Radex RD1706
1 x User's manual
2 x Batteries AAA