Phase Rotation Meter PKT-2530

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Phase Rotation Meter PKT-2530
Inexpensive and easy-to-use rotating field tester
This rotating field tester PKT-2530 has a robust housing with a large LCD display so you can easily and conveniently determine the phase and motor rotation direction. Furthermore, any problems in individual phases are shown on the display of the rotating field tester. The rotating field tester meets the safety standard CAT III 600 V, IEC-61010. The rotating field tester is ideal for determining the phase rotation in all areas where three-phase power supplies are used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems. The rotating field tester has a voltage range of up to 690 VAC. Use of the rotating field tester will help prevent damage to engines and equipment that may arise due to incorrect direction of rotation.

- simple operation
- no batteries required
- robust alligator clips for easy connection
- 3-phase measurements of 40 ... 690 V AC
- safety standard: IEC-61010, CAT III 600 V
- protection class IP-40
- easy viewing on large LCD

Technical Specification
Measuring range40 ... 690 VAC
Frequency range15 ... 400 Hz
Current consumption1 mA
Test current per phase1 mA
Environmental conditions0 ... 40 °C
Housing protectionIP 40
Test leads with robustalligator clips3 x 130 cm
Dimensions130 x 69 x 32 mm
Weight130 g
Protection / standardizationIEC 61010 / EN61010
IEC 61557-7 / EN 61557-7

Delivery contents
1 x Phase Rotation Meter PKT-2530, 3 x Test leads with alligator clips, 1 x Operating instructions