pH Meter / Aquaristics pH Meter PCE-PHM 14

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0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
0 ... 14 pH
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pH Meter / Aquaristics pH Meter

Aquaristics pH meter for wall mounting / various electrodes connectable / automatic calibration function / for permanent pH value measurement

pH Meter / Aquaristics pH Meter Application 1Only when the pH value in the aquarium is right, the fish develop optimally. In order to maintain the health of plants and fish, the pH, which determines the basic or acidic character of the water, must be checked regularly. Ideally, the pH monitoring is a continuous process, because if the pH value is not optimally adapted to the inhabitants of the aquarium, this can result in stress and illnesses. The pH value of the water can be determined particularly comfortably and precisely with the aquaristics pH meter from PCE Instruments. The aquarium pH meter with monitor is a precision measuring instrument that has been specially designed for the long-lasting and at the same time easy monitoring of the pH value. The measuring range of the aquarium pH meter includes pH values from 0.00 to 14.00.

Just a few simple steps are required to mount the compact measuring device on the wall. On the bottom side of the aquarium pH meter, a BNC connector is located next to a power supply socket. Via the BNC connection, different pH electrodes can be connected to the aquaristics pH meter. For the measurement, the connected electrode must then only be immersed in the water of the aquarium. Within seconds, the backlit LC display of the aquarium pH meter shows the measurement results. The manufacturer has developed the aquaristics pH meter specifically with a backlit display so that to ensure continuous monitoring of the pH value of the aquarium water even in unfavourable lighting conditions.

The aquarium pH meter is already delivered factory-adjusted, but, if required, it can be calibrated at pH 4, pH 7 and pH 10 any time later. The meter automatically detects the buffer solution and calibrates correspondingly. The regular recalibration of the aquaristics pH meter is important to ensure the highest possible accuracy. The recalibration should be done periodically, ideally at regular time intervals, or after changing a pH electrode. The manufacturer recommends to clean the electrode of the aquarium pH meter with a pH-neutral liquid after each measurement in order to ensure permanently accurate measurements.


pH Meter / Aquaristics pH Meter Application 2The aquarium pH meter is an ideal measuring instrument when it goes about permanent and precise control of the pH value and water quality in aquariums. The regular pH check is especially important for the balance in the aquarium. A special pH meter for determining the water quality is therefore indispensable when keeping fish in aquariums. The aquaristics pH meter from PCE Instruments combines user-friendliness and reliability with a compact design. The measuring device is preferably used by animal owners, in fish farming, in the laboratory and in research. Due to its uncomplicated application, the aquaristics pH meter is also suitable for inexperienced users. Thanks to the robust housing and the illuminated display, the aquarium pH meter has a versatile application and ensures maximum reliability and precise measurement results.

Accessories for aquaristics pH meter

In addition to the aquarium pH meter, PCE Instruments also provides additional electrodes. The pH electrode must be kept moist to provide accurate results over a long period of time. The solution for a proper storage can be acquired at PCE Instruments.

PH electrodes can drift over time, which may result in measurement errors. In order to deliver a high level of accuracy permanently, the aquarium pH meter should be regularly calibrated with the solution for calibration, provided by PCE Instruments (pH 4.01 and pH 7.01).

PCE Instruments also offers a calibration certificate CAL-PCE-PH ISO for pH meters. The calibration certificates are issued specifically for customers, and the annual recalibration can also be performed at PCE Instruments in order to document the measurement accuracy of the pH meter in accordance with the specifications. For optimum cleaning of the aquarium pH meter, there is a cleaning solution pepsin / hydrochloric acid PCE-GCS-500 (500ml), which is also available in PCE Instruments. In order to safely protect and store the aquaristics pH meter and the accessories during the transport and storage, there is a separately available case with hard foam insert.

- compact aquarium pH meter for wall mounting
- large backlit display
- internal calibration function
- for pH electrodes with BNC connection
- ideal for continuous monitoring
- mains operation
- incl. pH electrode

Areas of application of the PCE-PHM 14
- aquaristics
- beverage industry
- fish farming
- food processing
- plant breeding
- swimming pools
- in education at schools and universities

- compact device for wall mounting
- large display with lighting
- internal calibration function
- for pH electrodes with BNC connection
- ideal for continuous monitoring
- mains operation

Applications of PCE-PHM 14

- hunting
- beverage industry
- farming
- food processing
- crop production
- swimming pools
- in education at schools and universities

Measuring range

0 ... 14 pH


0.01 pH

(at 23 °C ± 5 °C / after calibration)
0.07 pH at 5 ... 9 pH
0.1 pH at 4 .. 10 pH
0.2 pH at 1 ... 3,9 pH & 10,1 ... 13 pH
Input impedance 1012 Ohm
Sampling rate ca. 1 second
Operating conditions 0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F; < 80 % r.H.
Calibration Internally at pH7; pH 4 & pH 10
Power supply External 9 V
Current consumption ca. 11 mA
Dimensions 89 x 57 x 31 mm / 3.5 x 2.2 x 1.2"
Weight ca. 117 g / 4.1 oz
pH electrode connection BNC

1 x pH Meter PCE-PHM 14
1 x pH electrode
2 x adhesive pads
1 x 9 V power adapter
1 x user manual