People Counter Vector 4D - SafeCount

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People counter with height measurement / Easy installation / Detection of lingering people / IoT-compatible protocols / 32 people counters can be linked together

The Vector 4D people counter is the most advanced people counter in the world. The time of flight measurement method does not just allow people to be counted, but rather to recognize them. The people counter works completely anonymously and in compliance with data protection regulations. The Vector 4D - SafeCount people counter is equipped with special firmware that allows the number of customers in a store to be measured quickly and easily.

The people counter recognizes people who move through the counting window at up to 5 m/s. The people counter not only recognizes the person, but can also distinguish whether it is an adult or a child. This makes the people counter an innovative aid, especially when analyzing customer groups. Furthermore, the people counter can recognize employees via a lanyard and exclude them from the people count.

A special feature of the Vector 4D people counter is the ability to continuously monitor certain areas. In a hardware store, for example, this can be the area before the wood is cut. The people counter measures and recognizes the number of people waiting and can automatically trigger a command for an employee to be called for advice.

The people counter is integrated into the network via the Ethernet interface. Power is supplied via PoE. The people counter can be read out via various IoT protocols. The integrated web server also offers a web interface for visualizing the measured values. Up to 32 Vector 4D Count people counters can be connected to one another via LAN.

The people counter Vector 4D is able to monitor inputs of shops safely and contactlessly via its web interface. The people counter helps to determine the maximum number of people in a shop. This makes the people counter ideally suited to take over access control in pharmacies, grocery stores, hardware stores, furniture stores. The people counter can indicate live in the web interface whether people are still allowed to enter a shop. This is also done in colour.

- Mounting height: 2 ... 4.5 m
- Detection range: 1.6 ... 5.1 m
- Acquisition speed: max. 5 m/s
- Data protection-compliant people counting
- Employee recognition
- Height measurement
- Easy integration via MQTT, Rest API or HTTP Post
- HTML5 incl.
- Connection of 32 people counters possible
- Special firmware for secure access control with colour evaluation

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Mounting height2.5 m ... 4.5m
Detection range1.6 ... 5.1 m
Dimensions195 mm x 110 mm x 32 mm
Housing materialdie-cast
Sensor resolution<1 cm
Height measurementmeasurement of the height with output as a histogram
Filtering the height measurement
filtering by height when the counting line is exceeded
Dwell measurement
measurement of the dwell time in a defined zone
Detection speed5m/s
Power supplyPower Over Ethernet (PoE)
Power consumption
12.95 W
IP interface Configuration  IPV4 IP address: fixed or via DHCP IP
HTTPS: people counter, web service interface for data download and configuration
Video functionVector 4D incl. video camera for configuration and audit purposes. To protect privacy, this function must be deactivated in normal operation.
USBfor connection to external devices (I/O module)
Operating conditions0°C ... 40°C (non-condensing)
Storage conditions
-10°C ... 50°C

1 x People Counter IRC 6637SAW
1 x Mounting device