People Counter IRC 5106-NW Node/Slave unit

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IRC 5106-NW
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The people counter IRC 5106-NW is used as an additional people counter for the master unit. The people counter is used for wide entrances or if several entrances and exits are to be monitored with the people counter.

The people counter is based on infrared and records people through their heat signature as soon as they step on the sensor field. A counting process is triggered when one of the up to 16 freely definable counting lines is exceeded.

An integrated web server makes it possible to configure the sensor from the browser and to query the recorded data directly via the network. In addition, an API documented completely in English is made available for many systems.

This is the slave unit of the people counter that is connected to the master unit. Up to eight slave / node units can be connected to a master people counter. The node units have the same technical data but do not have an integrated web server.

The sensors are designed for ceiling mounting. With its 60 ° opening angle, the sensor covers an area of ​​1.97m² up to 4.52m² depending on the mounting height (for example, with a mounting height of 3.5m, an area of ​​3.25m x 3.25m). For higher ceiling heights, all sensors are also available with 40 ° and 90 ° opening angles.

The people counters recognize people and visitors based on their thermal image. The people counter works independently of the lighting conditions and can be used in areas and on buildings that are not illuminated at night as well as during the day.

By recognizing people based on their thermal image, the privacy of visitors is largely protected, since the people counters do not recognize faces. The counter readings of the customer counter can be queried via a web browser. The people counters have their own server on which the measurement data are stored.

Due to the simple installation, the sensors can be used quickly and without great effort in department stores, supermarkets, museums etc. Similar to a smoke detector, the people counter is mounted on the ceiling and is simply connected to the existing infrastructure via an Ethernet cable. In addition to counting, the people counters of the Gazelle series offer further options for analyzing the flow of customers and the movement behavior of people. For example, the queues at checkouts can be analyzed with the people counter.

Precise knowledge of the number of visitors / customers in your shop enables you to reliably evaluate the yield per customer.

- 60° field of view
- Mounting height: 2.2 m ... 4.8 m
- Detection range: 2 ... 4.5 m
- Detection speed: 0.5 m/s ... 3 m/s
- Data protection-compliant people counting
- Node / slave unit (a master unit is required)
Technical Data
Mounting height2.2 m ... 4.8 m
Detection area
2 ... 4.5 m
Detection speed0.5 m/s - 3 m/s
Temperature sensitivity >2°C
Possible counting lines2 ... 16 with up to 32 counting registers
Working range0°C ... 40°C (non-condensing)
Power supply12 ... 28 VDC or POE
Power consumption
160mA @ 12 V
80mA @ 24 V
Connections2 RJ45; 1x LAN 1x to node unit
Case dimensions190 mm x 111 mm x 63 mm

1 x People Counter IRC 5106-NW Node/Slave Unit