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PAT Tester / Portable Appliance Testing Equipment PCE-EVSE 300

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PAT Tester for charging plugs type 1 and 2 / PP and CP simulation /
Shock-proof socket connection / Direct acceptance of all connections via laboratory plugs

Electromobility is playing an increasingly important role. An important point here are the charging stations for electric vehicles. Special measuring devices are needed to check the function, protective devices and insulation of permanently installed charging stations, also known as wallboxes. Often, measuring devices are already available to perform the required measurements. An PAT Tester is therefore required so that the measuring device can be connected to the charging station.

The PAT Tester is specially designed for this application and already comes with a variety of functions. For example, all lines leaving the charging station are output individually via laboratory plugs. Thus, all lines can be tapped via the PAT Tester. This allows the charging station to be checked for insulation with the help of the EVSE adapter. The EVSE adapter has a shock-proof plug connection. The PAT Tester can be used to check the residual current device.

A charging cable not only contains the supply lines for charging an electric vehicle, but also two interfaces. The electric vehicle communicates with the charging station via the CP line (Control Pilot) and communicates the current status of the electric vehicle. The PP line (Proximity Plug) is used for communication between the connected charging cable and the charging station. The charging cable can thus tell the charging station how many amps it may be loaded with. To test both functions, the PAT Tester is equipped with corresponding simulators.


- CP and PP simulation
- Transport bag included in delivery
- Direct connection for wallboxes
- Adapter with type 1 and type 2 charging plugs
- PE conductor test
- Integrated schock-proof socket


PE test (protective conductor) available, error
PP simulation (charging cable coding)   open, 13 A, 20 A, 32 A, 63 A
CP simulation (communication line)
A, B, C, D, error
Outputs (only for test purposes)  
Measuring connections L1, L2, L3, N, PE
  max. 250 / 430 V AC, 10 A
  laboratory plug
Schuko connection max. 250 V AC, 10 A
Fuse from the Schuko connection fuse F 10 A / 250 V, 5 x 20 mm /  0.19 x 0.78"
CP signal output ± 12 V PWM
Further specifications  
Input voltage 1 phase: 250 V AC / 3 phase 430 V AC,
  50 / 60 Hz, max. 10 A
Charging cable connector Type 1 AC charging mode 3, compatible with IEC62196-1
  Type 1 or SAE J1772 with vehicle connection
  (Type 1, 5 pin, 1-phase)
Charging cable connector Type 2 AC charging mode 3, compatible with IEC62196-2
  Type 1 or SAE J1772 with vehicle connection
  (Type 2, 7 pin, 3-phase)
Measurement category CAT II 300 V
Protection class IP54
Pollution degree 2
Operating conditions 0 ... 40 °C / 32 ... 104 °F, 10 ... 85% RH, non-condensing
Storage conditions -10 ... 50 °C / 14 ... 122 °F, 10 ... 60% RH, non-condensing
Maximum working height max. 2000 m / 6561 ft
Dimensions (handheld only) 277 x 109 x 63 mm / 10.9 x 4.3 x 2.4"
Weight ca. 1 kg / 2.2 lb

Delivery Scope

1 x PAT Tester PCE-EVSE 300
1 x Charging cable plug type 1
1 x Charging cable plug type 2
1 x Transport bag
1 x Instruction manual