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Two Channel Portable Oscilloscope PCE-SDS 10xx Series
Two channel portable oscilloscope with 7’’ TFT-Display / USB-Interface / RS232 connection / 12 integrated menu languages / 2 measuring channels + 1 trigger channel
The two channel portable oscilloscope PCE-SDS 10xx stands out due to its 7’’ widescreen Colour-TFT. Due to a maximum bandwidth of 50 MHz, the two channel portable oscilloscope PCE-SDS 10xx series covers a wide application range in electronics and metrology. Due to its enormous sampling rate of up to 1 GS/sec the two channel portable oscilloscope can analyse incoming signals very accurately. It also has a maximized sensitivity of 10 ns which allows even small the peaks to be captured in order to display them. The USB-interface at the front of the device enables signals from the monitor of the two channel portable oscilloscope to be stored directly onto an USB- memory stick. Via an integrated “auto”-button on the two channel portable oscilloscope PCE-SDS 10xx series, automatic settings for the current signal can be found and applied. The intuitively operable control panel of the two channel portable oscilloscope allows a quick and easy handling. Furthermore, the two channel portable oscilloscope offers broad arithmetic functions to interpret a signal, e.g. by a FFT-analysis. The low weight of the two channel portable oscilloscope even permits a mobile use.

- up to 1 GS/s real-time sampling rate 
- maximum sensitivity: 10 ns
- 25/50 MHz bandwidth
- auto-measuring function
- 12 menu languages
- 2 measuring channels
- direct attachment of USB-stick
- RS232 interface
- 7’’ widescreen TFT display
- Security CAT II, 400 V

Technical specification           PCE-SDS1052DL / PCE-SDS 1022DL
input interface AC, DC, GND
incoming impedance  1 MΩ ± 2 % || 17 pF ± 3 pF
maximum voltage input400 Vss (DC + AC), CAT I, CAT II
Probe proportion 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
Vertical part
Accuracy  2 mV ~ 10 V/div
Resolution 8 Bit
Channels 2
Analogue bandwidth 25 MHz 50 MHZ
Min. frequency limit ≤ 10 Hz
Arithmetic functions summate, subtract, multiply, divide, FFT- analysis, interpolation: sin(x) / x
Band width range limit not existing
20 MHz ± 40 %
Horizontal part
Time base 1 ns ... 50 ns
2.5 ns ... 50 ns
Memory depth 32000 points
Sampling rate single-channel-measuring 1 GSa/s
Sampling rate 2-channel-measuring 500 MS/s
Trigger signal flank, pulse width, video, random setting of trigger position
Trigger source CH1, CH2, EXT
Trigger form Auto, normal, single
Trigger linking AC, DC, LF rej., HF rej
Gauge range CH1 and CH2: ± 6 DIV from centre of display, EXT: ± 1.2 V
Hold off 100 ns … 1.5 s
Hardware frequency counter
Resolution 6 Bytes
Frequency range DC linking, 10 Hz ... F max
Signal types all trigger signals (except for pulse width and video)
General data
Display 7" Colour –TFT
Resolution 480 x 234 pixel
Colour depth  64000 colours
Environmental conditions Operation: +10 °C ... +40 °C, max.85 % RH for 24 h
Stored: -20 °C ... +60 °C, max.85 % RH for 24 h
Voltage Supply 100 ... 240 V AC CAT II, 45 Hz ... 440 Hz
Power dissipation 50 VA max.
Dimensions 305 x 133 x 154 mm
Weight 2.3 kg

Delivery Content:
1 x Two channel portable oscilloscope PCE-SDS 1022DL or PCE-SDS 1052DL,
2 x probes,
1 x software,
1 x mains cable,
1 x instruction manual