Leather Moisture Meter LM 6

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LM 6
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The LM 6 leather moisture meter is an easy-to-use portable handheld humidity detector used to measure the moisture of leather goods in a nondestructive manner. No pretreatment of samples required. The LM 6 measures various degrees of moisture for a wide range of leather products -- from wet blue to dry leather.

Measuring procedure:
After selecting the calibration curve for the leather to be measured, press the LM 6 onto the leather surface with appropriate pressure. Water content and temperature can immediately be read off the large well-lit display. The measuring procedure does not destroy the leather surface in any way. By taking various measurements in different areas of the leather hide, the average water content can be determined quickly and accurately.
- Large measuring range, from 3% to 65% water content
- Takes measurement within seconds
- Automatic temperature compensation
- High accuracy
- Automatic averaging
- Operating temperature range: 0 to +40°C / 32 to 104°F
- Menu available in multiple languages
- Optionally, the LM 6 can be delivered with a USB cable for connecting the device to a PC. The USB cable comes with a USB stick loaded with data acquisition and evaluation software. See the accessories tab for more information about this and other useful components sold separately
Measurement range: 3% to 65% water content
Resolution: 0.1% water content; 0.5 °C
Measuring depth: 5 mm / 0.2 in
Temperature settings: ° C / ° F
Display: LCD screen
Memory storage: 10,000 data logs
Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian

1 x LM 6 leather moisture meter with batteries
1 x rubber protection cover
1 x wooden case
1 x proof plate
1 x user manual