Microscope XZ-2

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portable measuring microscope / video function / with TFT-display / 
10 x achromatic objective / with Infinity Optical System (IOS)
The measuring microscope XZ-2 is a high qualitative one. With the binocular head you are able to adjust the correct approach for your analysis under the measuring microscope. The eyeglasses of the measuring microscope XZ-2 are equipped with a cross which is divided into tenths of millimeters. It helps you to optimize your analysis. The measuring microscope assures with the integrated digital camera. This one transfers the pictures to a 8" TFT-display. So it is possible to work with numerous persons with the measuring microscope and look at the pictures on the display.

- integrated digital camera
- binocular
- with 8" TFT-display
- micrometrical ocular

Technical specifications of the Measuring microscope XZ-2
OcularWF 10x / 18 mm 
Objective10x achromatic objective (Total amplification) 
Amplification45-fold (0,7 ... 4,5x Zoom)
FocusingRough- and precision pinion
IlluminatorIncident illumination: LED ring light with brightness control.
StativPillar stand with 8" TFT-display
Focusing systemMacro- and micrometric regulation, with coaxial knobs on both sides of the stand. Adjustable friction.
User recommendationadvanced learner

Delivery content of the Measuring microscope XZ-2
1 x Measuring microscope XZ-2, 1 x user manual